Sunday, September 19, 2010

Sunday Worship

I love Sundays. So much in fact, that I usually wake up before the alarm goes off. We had a great class this morning studying how Paul told the church to forgive someone that hurt him. Then we had an awesome worship service studying the book of Ephesians. The kids and I came home while Frank met with the Associate Pastor Search Committee as they interviewed a second candidate for that position. We had a quiet afternoon and I even snuck in a few zzz's. Jacob asked could he please go to church tonight (wow) which we normally do anyway, so I'm not sure why he asked, but I sure am glad he did. On Sunday nights we are studying Hosea. My favorite part of Lakeside is the emphasis on prayer. We open the morning worship with a time of prayer in preparation to be able to worship with clean hands and clean hearts. Then before the sermon is a special time where people can go to be prayed for their specific needs with worship leaders and servant leaders. I love that, and you can feel the Holy Spirit moving. On Sunday nights, we have special prayer time where we gather in small groups or all together for specific prayer needs. Tonight we went down the prayer list and prayed for each and every family mentioned specifically by name. It is such a great feeling to know your church family is praying for you! Our family is so blesssed to be worshipping at Lakeside.

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