Saturday, September 25, 2010

Goodwill Hunting

Paige and I went to the Goodwill Store at Lake Oconee and it is awesome! We got there and there were cars everywhere. I almost didn't go in because I was afraid of it being so crowded. But it is a big store, so it didn't seem bad at all. Because it's new, it was clean and didn't smell bad. It was nice and cool, and they were even playing the Fish on the radio. There are tons of racks of clothes. It's pretty overwhelming because it's all organized by color. I wish they organized it by sizes. You have to dig, but its definitely worth the digging. I got 5 pairs of pants, a dress, and at least 5 shirts, and Paige got some knee shorts, a shirt, a sweater, and a scarf. All in all, we got a huge bag of clothes for less than $45.00. And these weren't Walmart clothes either. We got brands like Ralph Lauren, J Crew, Talbots, Ann Taylor, Old Navy, and Gap. I have a rule when I thrift store shop that it has to be a brand I can't afford. I refuse to buy anything second hand that I could get at Walmart. After we saved so much money shopping, we went to lunch and had Mexican food over by the movie theater. I had yummy fish tacos and she had beef nachos. Then we went to Publix, my favorite grocery store in the world. I know, Goodwill and Publix in the same's almost too much!

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Hollie said...

i love those two stores too!!! Publix, Goodwill, AND mexican...sounds like a great girls day to me!