Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Date Night

Tonight was "Date Night". The kids are getting older, and they really don't care if we go out to eat without them...as long as we bring them something when we get home. So we decided it's time for us to implement a "Date Night". Tonight we went to Sylvia's for dinner, and then to see the movie Town. Dinner was good, and the movie was very good. (Lots of cussing though) The kids didn't start texting until we were in the movie. We had left out that part of the date night description to them, because that part they would care about. I know, we are such bad parents, but we did have a good time! Tuesday night was a great night for a movie because they have $1 drinks and popcorn! We brought the kids home McDonald's, and all is good. I feel so naughty for being out on a school night! We are planning on doing this every Tuesday night. Anyone have any great date ideas?

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Roxanne said...

If Tuesdays are Date Night, that's when Chili's has their Old Timer burgers with a drink for $6! Cheap dinner! Share a burger, split dessert! Yum, yum!