Thursday, January 6, 2011


Okay, so my pictures are uploaded backwards. But here is my Christmas post...finally! Here is Rudy enjoying the Christmas tissue paper. He sat in the middle of us unwrapping gifts in awe...and when we were done, he had a ball tearing the tissue paper to shreds.
Here's the Christmas mess. And we actually tried to put most of the trash in a big box as we went. My daddy used to pick up the paper and throw it in the fire place in the middle of our gift opening. It's a wonder he never threw any gifts in there by mistake too!
Ah, here's our Christmas "before" pic. We never put gifts under the tree. Santa brings them all Christmas Eve night when we are sleeping. I just wish I could have been there to hear Paige when she first saw the gifts under the tree...but she got up at 5 am to peek, then laid in bed til 7 before the rest of us got up to open them.

Another view of the tree and gifts. My mama always used a code instead of names so we couldn't compare (or open) our gifts ahead of time. I use a code too. This year's code was a numerical one...and it bit me in the butt because I miscoded a couple, lol. Paige opened one of Jake's by mistake. She was wondering why she got a knife from Santa!

And here are my very favorite gifts....

And yes, those are underwear....everybody gets underwear, socks and pjs for Christmas. But no, Paige did not get a clothes basket, she was just using it to carry her stuff to her room. And if you are wondering like I was...that is a hat on Paige's head. (courtesy of her brother) My baby girl is not wearing a doo rag on Christmas morning.

We had a wonderful Christmas (other than being sick). We ate too much and got way more presents than any of us deserved. Paige's favorite gift seems to be her laptop, Jake's is definitely his Xbox, Frank's seems to be a UGA golf bag, and mine is my Kitchen Aid mixer...or maybe that is all of our favorites! I hope you all had a blessed Christmas as well!