Saturday, February 28, 2009

Friday Night Lesson

Remember way back when I said how much I wanted Frank to plan a night out? He did! And I tried to 'rain on his parade' every which way I could. I'm such an old poot. He told me Thurs. that he wanted to go out to eat on Friday night. We used to do this all the time, but lately, I just want to hide in my bed come Friday night. Ugh.
Friday morning he was in a great mood...which for some stupid reason put me in a bad mood. (I know, I'm crazy, I'm battling it big time lately.) Anyway, he was bouncing around, happy as a lark, and said he wanted to go to Fish n Pig in Macon. Ugh. Macon. On a Friday night.
I dreaded it all day. When we were leaving work, everyone was nervous about bad weather coming, so I looked it up online. Where is the bad weather coming from...MACON! I called Frank and so sweetly told him that the radar was red in Macon, and we really needed to stay home. He sounded let down, and I did feel bad.
When I got home, I ran through the house picking up our junk because someone who is going to help me clean was coming by, and I didn't want to scare her away before she even started. Frank came in, and in front of her, said we were going to Macon. What? I thought had squashed that dream.
So, off to Macon we go. Jacob is worse than me...whining all the way to Gray about where we are going, why do we have to go so far, he's tired, blah blah blah. And I realized who he sounded like, and where he got it from. OOPS.
We did make it to Macon, and there was hardly any rain at all. (I hate bad weather, especially driving in it, so this was a huge blessing.) We went to BassPro and finally got Frank the shoes he's been wanting. And he bought the ones that were half as much as the ones I think he really wanted. And then we went to eat. And there was no line. We were seated immediately. And the food was good, the catfish and boiled peanuts were excellent! Paige and I slept on the way home because I'm old and she's a little kid. And it was a nice night.

Why was I such a stubborn fool? Why wouldn't I just let him do something nice for me and take what he was offering? I think we are exactly the same way with God. He is offering us more than we can imagine, and we are stubborn old poots who won't get past ourselves to accept the blessings He has for us. And then when we see other people doing the same exact things we do, we judge them and get aggravated with them. The next time Frank offers to do something for me, I'm gonna try to remember to just go with it....and I'm going to pray that I do this with God too. Get over myself and enjoy what He has for me.

Jacob is doing the devotion at the 10 am Upward game today...and it's deep stuff. I wanted to say "oh, dont you think it should be a little lighter for a basketball game" but Frank just said "out of the mouth of babes" so I wisely kept my mouth shut. It's not what I want Jake to say, it's what God has told him to say. I feel like there will be mucho grande tears from his Mama today. Please pray for God's words to be spoken clearly (both figuratively and literally, he is having trouble talking with the braces) and that I won't embaress him with my snotty tear stained face when he's done!

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Let the Decorating Begin!

Since I'm obsessed with pretty things lately, obviously I finally have things under control in the cleanliness department at my house, right? Uh, no, but I am seeing someone tomorrow who hopefully will before long. I'm going to leave the cleaning to the professionals, and I'm going to do my part to stimulate the economy. Tonight I went to Walmart.

I found a comforter I really like on and I wanted to see if the color would work in person. They didn't have the comforter in the store, but they did have the throw pillows that you can't get online...on clearance! So I took that as a sign from God that this is the comforter for me. (The colors work perfectly, btw.) I got the throw pillows for $9 and ran home to order the comforter online. It should be here in time for Women's Ministry Movie Night, so you all have to go ooh and aah over my boudoir decor before the movie...and maybe after.
I wanted to save the oohs and aahs until the end of the post, but I can't get the pic to move down or the text to move scroll back up and feel free to ooh and aah.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Retail Therapy

So I've really been feeling outta sorts lately. I have all these aspirations to do beautiful things, but I don't want to be bothered with the mundane stuff. Today I got a little retail therapy, and I do feel a little better. My house is still a mess, but at least I'm not wallowing in it.

I stopped by the mall to see if Penney's had a comforter I saw online in the store. They didn't. But all was not lost. I walked down to Belk's, and I got what I think were some great deals on some things I think I actually need.

I still hadn't bought my nephews a Christmas gift. I know, I know, I'm the worst aunt ever. But I haven't seen them, and we haven't exchanged gifts yet. We are going to in March when my sister comes to visit. So I had a little time to find something good. At Belk's today, I found something good. They had Chaps jackets 75% off! So I got them each a light jacket that they can still wear in spring for $17.50! Woo Hoo! Jacob saw them and wants one too, so I musta done good!

I also got two sets of sheets. King sized, 400 count deep pocket sheets for $29.99. We have one set of sheets that I like and they have been washed so many times that they wont stay on the mattress. I'm wishing I had gotten some queen sized for the kid's beds too, so I may run back by there tomorrow. (Please don't run to Belk's and buy my sheets.)

So, I still don't have the spotless, organized house that I want, and I still haven't done all the pretty stuff I want to do, but I do feel better after my retail therapy. A bargain does a body good!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009


I am frustrated. Work is crazy. I'm overwhelmed. I want to do something fun and creative. I have found so many blogs with such beautiful ideas, and I want to try them all. But I am so overwhelmed with just making it through another day, that I can't do any of the fun stuff I want to do. I want to make my house pretty, and get ready for spring, and clean every nook and cranny and organize and, and, and... But I feel so bogged down, I need a push just to get the laundry that is sitting on my bed folded. BIG SIGH!

But in other news, life isn't so bad. Jacob mentioned on the way home from school that it's Family Night and wanted to know what was for dinner. He remembers! Ok, he really just wants a decent meal, but at least he knows that tonight is Family Night.

Paige continues to do great in phys therapy. She is walking at home with no crutches. The dr and pt haven't approved it, but she feels comfortable with it, it doesn't hurt, so as long as she has her brace on, we're ok with it.

I'm getting new windows in my house in about 2 weeks. YAY! I'm totally crazy, but I'm so excited about the opportunity to put up good blinds inside the window frames. My old windows have a metal rod, so you can't hang blinds inside the frames, so I just bought cheap ones when we moved in. New blinds have me thinking I want a new comforter and new drapes for my bedroom too. I'll keep that a nice little secret from Frank for now, or he'll put a stop to my windows!

Here's something funny. Apparently we are trendsetters in the neighborhood. We put a new roof on our house...2 weeks later our neighbors put a new roof on theirs. We cut down trees in our our neighbors are cutting down some of theirs. We'll have to see what happens with the windows...if they get new ones too, I'll finally feel like the popular people!

In case you're wondering...Family Night dinner is roast, mashed potatoes, and corn. No green veggies...I didn't say Family Night was perfect, but at least it's memorable!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Family Night (week 3)

You may remember, I declared Tuesdays "Family Night" at the Meighan house. The first night went very well, and Frank even helped me clean the kitchen! Last week, we had PTF, so Family Night wasn't quite the big deal I tried to make it week 1. I did cook, but it was just a mac and cheese casserole and we ate it hurriedly around the bar. This week, I cooked a pork roast in the crockpot all day, and am now cooking new potatoes and collard kids just so happen to LOVE greens of any kind. I think that "Family Night" must be a hit for them, because both of them have mentioned that tonights the big night. (I think they are just so proud that I am actually cooking!)

In other news...Paige is doing really good with her physical therapy. In just two sessions, and lots of homework on her part, she has gone from 17-58 range of motion to 5-91. Im not exactly sure what those numbers mean, but her good leg is 0-136. So we are definitely making progress. She has a young therapist working with her, and she became attached to her immediately. She has not complained at all, and really enjoys going. I am very thankful that she is making quick progress. At our first visit, the girl said we had a lot of work to do, but Paige is definitely doing her part. I thank God that He gave us the right person to be her therapist.

Jacob is Jacob. He got his braces last Wednesday, and is already eating all the stuff he's not supposed to. He has complained more than Paige ever did with hers! He really didn't want to get them, but I think when he gets them off and all the girls realize he is just as handsome as his mama thinks he is, he'll thank me for them. Ok, he won't thank me out loud, but a mother can dream.

Frank is doing good in school. His English teacher loves him, which is really funny, because his highschool English teacher loved him too. He is surviving in math with help from Jacob's teacher. He is really busy with work right now, and he is missing Rick like crazy. Next quarter he is taking two regular classes and a Saturday class. The Saturday class if just for one month. The regular classes don't start til 8 so he will be here in the mornings when we're all getting ready for school. For that, I am very thankful.

I have no good way to tie this all I just hope you have a great Family Night!

Friday, February 13, 2009

From Hero to Zero in less than 24 Hours

24 hours ago...

I was the coolest person on Earth. Everyone wanted to be me! "Why?" you ask. Because I got to babysit Gage! (I know, you are sooooooooo jealous!) Lauren entrusted me, lil ole me, with her precious miracle. I am his first, non-family, babysitter. And I'm sure she chose me because I am such a great mother. She knows that I am perfect for the job. Right?! Please don't tell me if she asked you first, and I was actually her last ego can't take it! He was wonderful. He was an absolute joy to hold and sing to, and he loved Paige. He didn't spit up, and he didn't have a poopy diaper. It was a perfect night.

Then today...

What could bring me down from Hero to Zero? I took Paige shopping. And make sure you are sitting down, because this is probably going to come as a huge shock to you. Apparently I have no taste at all! I know, I's devastating news. Paige is going to a Valentine Dance Party tomorrow night at her friend's house. It's an all girl party, and she HAS to go, because her band is playing. And no, you haven't missed anything...Paige does not play an instrument. So I'm sure her band will be really interesting to hear. She needed a new dress, so we went to the mall. We found one that I wish I could wear, then we went down to Claire's for the accessories...and this is where I was given the bad news. I picked out a pair of earrings that matches the beaded trim on the dress perfectly. She picked out some flourescent rubberery earrings that had spikes. (And I'm the one with no taste) We compromised with her getting some rhinestone peace sign earrings...yea, that is how bad the rubber spikes were. She said that I know nothing about cool jewelry and she doesn't want to look like an old lady. Sweet. I knew this day was coming, but I didn't know it would come at the age of 9. Poor kid, if she only knew that her "old" mother wore some of the very same stuff that Claire's is selling these days....back when I did have taste!

Sunday, February 8, 2009


Saturday night, we went to see Romeo and Juliet at the Shakespeare Tavern in Atlanta. Romeo and Juliet is known as the epitome of of the world's greatest love stories. We went with some great friends, and had a great dinner, and were anticipating a great night of culture at the theater. We were in the balcony, and could see very well, but were seated in old fashioned wooden chairs with flimsy cushions that kept sliding off. Oh well, this is gonna be soooo romantic. Well, I guess I just am not cultured, but I'm gonna be ok with it. I couldn't understand most of what they saideth. And what I did understandeth, I'm not so sureth was my ideath of real romance. This is a 14 year old girl, who fell madly in love with a guy who had just been professing his undying love for another girl. (At least that is what I think he was saying.) He ended up in trouble avenging the death of his jerk of a friend, and they all end up dying in the end. All for "love". Love is not something a 14 year old overdramatic girl is in after one dance with a boy who falls in "love" at the drop of a hat. Puhleeze.

Now, don't think that I am not a romantic at heart. I am. But here is more my kind of romance. We saw "Fireproof" at church tonight. I saw it when it first came out at the theater, and I loved it just as much tonight. Now THAT'S more like it! Real love is for better and for worse, for richer and for poorer, in sickness and in health. Real love is being loved when you are oh so unloveable. Which is what I am most of the time. Real love is taking someone else's burdens as your own. Real love is putting others first. Their wants and needs are more important than your own. We are to love each other, they way that Christ has loved us. That's love, that's romance! I'll take that anyday over Romeo and Juliet!

If you have not watched Fireproof, watch it. If you have already seen it again!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

A Long Hot Bubble Bath

Paige got her cast off today! She has a snazzy new brace and can put weight on her leg as tolerated. She goes Monday afternoon to get set up for physical therapy. She is to do therapy twice a week for 6 to 10 weeks. We go back to the dr 3/5. When we got home, she immediately got into a tub full of hot water with calgon moisturizing bath beads (island paradise scented) and a squirt of joy dishwashing soap for good measure. Trust me, she needed the dish soap. (I was tempted to squirt a little Mr. Clean in there ;o) )
Jacob is finally feeling like his old self again. He's had a booger of a cold, and has been out of school all week. He will be returning tomorrow. Frank and Jacob have had the nasty cold that is going around, but Paige and I have bypassed it so far. She did pull a sneaky on me yesterday, and was dying sick at 7 am when I was trying to leave for work. I gave her nyquil...either to cure her or punish her, whatever the case may be, and miraculously woke up healed completely. I made her skip Team Kids to punish her for faking. She had to stay with me in Women's Ministry, and as much as she pouted, she enjoyed Stephanie's devotion about being a good friend...especially the pouting part!
I'm exhausted after my day off of work, and ready to get some sleep and get ready for tomorrow and my big weekend: Romeo and Juliet Saturday night woo hoo! A play and a romantic dinner for 12...what more could a girl ask for?

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Family Dinner

Tonight, we are starting Family Dinner night. Many moons ago, we always sat down and had dinner together, and we have somehow lost that. Frank is busy Mon, Wed, and every other Thurs nights. Fridays, all I want to do is come home and get in my pjs and crawl in bed. If Paige hadn't broken her leg, we would be at gymnastics one night, cheerleading practice another, and basketball for Jake, yet another. When did we get too busy to all eat a meal at one time, in one room? Well, tonight that stops! I hearby declare Tuesday night, Family Night! I am cooking a real meal...steak and gravy, mashed potatoes, green beans, and biscuits. Ok, ok, the mashed potatoes are instant, and the biscuits are Mary B's, but its still 'home cooking' to us. We are going to sit down, at the same time, at the same table, and share the same meal. No cereal for dinner, no ready mac, no frozen pizza, no fast food...but a meal shared together like they are supposed to be. Right now, Frank is downstairs preparing a chapel sermon for the kids school tomorrow. Jacob is sick as a dog and is laying on the couch in the basement watching tv. Paige is in her room channel surfing. Even the dogs are sequestered in their own favorite places. But I am in the kitchen, smelling dinner, and waiting for it to be ready, so that our family can celebrate the first 'Family Night' in a long time. Tomorrow, I hope to spend 'Family Night' with you at SBC!