Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Family Dinner

Tonight, we are starting Family Dinner night. Many moons ago, we always sat down and had dinner together, and we have somehow lost that. Frank is busy Mon, Wed, and every other Thurs nights. Fridays, all I want to do is come home and get in my pjs and crawl in bed. If Paige hadn't broken her leg, we would be at gymnastics one night, cheerleading practice another, and basketball for Jake, yet another. When did we get too busy to all eat a meal at one time, in one room? Well, tonight that stops! I hearby declare Tuesday night, Family Night! I am cooking a real meal...steak and gravy, mashed potatoes, green beans, and biscuits. Ok, ok, the mashed potatoes are instant, and the biscuits are Mary B's, but its still 'home cooking' to us. We are going to sit down, at the same time, at the same table, and share the same meal. No cereal for dinner, no ready mac, no frozen pizza, no fast food...but a meal shared together like they are supposed to be. Right now, Frank is downstairs preparing a chapel sermon for the kids school tomorrow. Jacob is sick as a dog and is laying on the couch in the basement watching tv. Paige is in her room channel surfing. Even the dogs are sequestered in their own favorite places. But I am in the kitchen, smelling dinner, and waiting for it to be ready, so that our family can celebrate the first 'Family Night' in a long time. Tomorrow, I hope to spend 'Family Night' with you at SBC!


steph said...

I realized one day we had gone 14 days without all sitting down in our dinig room as a family having a meal together! I decided the same thing-- family is important.
BTW- meal sounds yummy!

Hollie said...

Dinner does sound yummy! I can't wait to be able to cook in my own kitchen again! My family used to eat together EVERY night...don't know how...but we always did. I'm glad Mom and Dad made it important...but everyday nowadays is almost impossible! Happy Tuesday Fmaily Dinner Night!