Friday, February 13, 2009

From Hero to Zero in less than 24 Hours

24 hours ago...

I was the coolest person on Earth. Everyone wanted to be me! "Why?" you ask. Because I got to babysit Gage! (I know, you are sooooooooo jealous!) Lauren entrusted me, lil ole me, with her precious miracle. I am his first, non-family, babysitter. And I'm sure she chose me because I am such a great mother. She knows that I am perfect for the job. Right?! Please don't tell me if she asked you first, and I was actually her last ego can't take it! He was wonderful. He was an absolute joy to hold and sing to, and he loved Paige. He didn't spit up, and he didn't have a poopy diaper. It was a perfect night.

Then today...

What could bring me down from Hero to Zero? I took Paige shopping. And make sure you are sitting down, because this is probably going to come as a huge shock to you. Apparently I have no taste at all! I know, I's devastating news. Paige is going to a Valentine Dance Party tomorrow night at her friend's house. It's an all girl party, and she HAS to go, because her band is playing. And no, you haven't missed anything...Paige does not play an instrument. So I'm sure her band will be really interesting to hear. She needed a new dress, so we went to the mall. We found one that I wish I could wear, then we went down to Claire's for the accessories...and this is where I was given the bad news. I picked out a pair of earrings that matches the beaded trim on the dress perfectly. She picked out some flourescent rubberery earrings that had spikes. (And I'm the one with no taste) We compromised with her getting some rhinestone peace sign earrings...yea, that is how bad the rubber spikes were. She said that I know nothing about cool jewelry and she doesn't want to look like an old lady. Sweet. I knew this day was coming, but I didn't know it would come at the age of 9. Poor kid, if she only knew that her "old" mother wore some of the very same stuff that Claire's is selling these days....back when I did have taste!

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