Sunday, November 30, 2008

Sunday, Sunday

It's the end of my week off, and I'm back to work tomorrow. It's been a good week, and I've really enjoyed the time off. Did I get everything accomplished that I wanted to? Of course not. I did get some Christmas shopping done, read a whole book for pleasure (not work), and reconnected with an "old" friend. This week will be a busy week. Second grade is performing at PTA Tuesday night, and the Christmas Tea is Saturday. I love, love, love the Christmas Tea, and I went through all of the treasures I have been collecting for a year now to decorate my tables with. I have not decorated my house for Christmas yet. I don't like to decorate unless the house is perfectly clean, and for some reason, a week off leaves our house messier rather than cleaner. I still need to get a picture of my kids taken for a Christmas card. I started to do that one day last week and discovered that the camera's batteries were dead. Lucky kids. The house is quiet, and the kids are getting ready for bed. (I wish.) We came straight home from church and had chili dogs for supper, and it's amazing how much time we gained by not eating out. I'm already yawning, so I'm heading to watch tv in bed and hope it's a long time before 5:45 gets here. Goodnight!

Monday, November 24, 2008


In the attempt to wish Christmas here a little faster, I realize that I've forgotten to spend enough time giving thanks. I have so much to be thankful for, no matter what this and the past few years have brought me. I am thankful that, even though they are no longer here, I had a great Mama and Daddy and Granny. My mama always tried very hard to make holidays special when we were kids, and when we were grown ups, she had no expectations that we would be at her house on those days. She wanted us to make traditions with our own children. My Daddy was not into holidays at all, so it wasn't easy for Mama. She would always make a Thanksgiving meal, but we usually had it for supper because we would eat lunch at Granny's...two totally different meals! Granny's was all the Southern food..dressing, greens, that kinda stuff. Mama's was a hen cooked in a paper bag (she didn't think the 5 of us needed a whole turkey), oyster dressing, and homemade cranberry sauce. Needless to say, I liked Granny's dinner much better, but as a grown up, I realize how much work Mama put into hers. It wasn't the same food we always ate, she worked hard to make it special. I wish I had realized that back then. We have done lots of different things for Thanksgiving since Frank and I have been our own little family. I have had his family come, my family come, spent it apart, travelled and ate our dinner at Cracker Barrell, and spent it with friends. This year, we are spending Thanksgiving with our family...our chosen family, our friends. We are very thankful that we have more than just one type of family. Our family is the four of us...and I want to protect that bond fiercely, it's the ones we were born into, and what I am realizing more and more, it's the ones that God has placed in our lives. We may not be blood kin, but we have a special connection that is held together by the Holy Spirit. So, this Thanksgiving, I know that I will be thinking about the ones in my family that are not with us...I do love them and miss them more and more each day, but I will be sitting at the table with family that has been one of the sweetest gifts I've ever been given. And for that and much more, I am thankful.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

One More Day!

One more day until we are all out of school for a week! Yippee! I have to take the kids to the orthodotist Monday at 8:00 a.m. (what was I thinking?!) but other than that, have nothing else I "have" to do next week. There are many things I want to do, but I'm gonna try to be as still as possible and make the week last and last! If I stay too busy, it'll fly by way too fast! We had Thanksgiving dinner with the youth last night, at school today, and are having it at Women's Ministry tomorrow night. I may be turkeyed out before the big day even arrives. (NOT!) I'll cook way more than four (or 40) people can ever eat...but I have a new freezer to put the leftovers that we won't ever eat in! I'm hoping to get just one nice picture of my kids to use for a Christmas card. Is 12 too old for a picture Christmas card...Jacob sure thinks so. I'm thinking about just using a picture of Milo and Rudy and labeling it Jacob and Paige. In case you don't know, Milo is a black lab and Rudy is a schnauzer! While they are quite good looking, they are nearly as good looking as the real Jacob and Paige...if they would just both look at the camera and Jacob would smile! When I get adventurous I'll post pictures of them...but chances are, Jacob won't be smiling. But this time tomorrow, I think even Jake will be smiling...School's Out! :o) See, I'm practicing already!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Super Saturday

Today has been a good day. I slept until after 8, and stayed in bed watching tv until after 9. Paige and I went to lunch at Ruby Tuesday and shared a chocolate tall cake for dessert...the highlight of her young life! (We brought home half of our lunches so we could save room for dessert!)
She convinced me to buy her silver earrings with pink "diamonds" so be sure to compliment her if you see her wearing them. We checked out the Christmas decorations at Wal and K mart, but didn't find anything I could live without except for a beautiful footed "flared" trifle bowl which will make a great centerpiece bowl. I wanted some new books to read, but I've been spoiled by the ultra-cheap book store near Valdosta, and could not bring myself to pay $11.50 for a paperback that won't last me more than a few days. We decided to see if the public library was open at 3:30 on a Saturday afternoon...and it isn't. We are home now, and I've got laundry to fold, and Paige has some pink diamond earring admiring to do. Frank and Jacob are playing golf in the youth tournament today. We're having tacos for supper! That's better than gourmet anyday for this group. I did see Sandra Lee making a delicious looking pumpkin bundt cake this morning that I'm thinking about for Thanksgiving. Hmm, I should go look up the recipe on laundry can wait!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Well, I've Lost the Mother of the Year Award Now

When Paige was only 2 months old, the doctor said she needed to have her adenoids removed when she turned a year old. When she turned 1, we were in the midst of moving to Milledgeville and the dr. we saw then said that there was no need to put her to sleep since she wasn't having any other problems other than loud breathing. Here it is, nine years later, and I've finally realized that the poor kid can't breathe! We saw the ENT today, and not only are her adenoids enlarged, but so are her tonsils! She will be having them removed Dec. 15. Don't you worry, she should be fully recovered by Christmas, and is already planning her recovery and the gifts she'll receive and the ice cream she'll eat. I imagine she'll have me a list of things she'll need for a proper recovery. She has no problem with giving me ideas on how she needs to be pampered and spoiled. If things go her way, it'll be like two Christmases! (And you know how much I love Christmas!)

Monday, November 10, 2008

Women of Faith

Isn't this weather beautiful? This was a beautiful weekend, and I thoroughly enjoyed being in Sunday school yesterday as a student. I really enjoy connecting with other women. I feel like I spend every waking moment with children and I spent way too long in a self-imposed isolation from adult female company, so I always enjoy just being with girls. One way that I "connect" with other women is through blogs. I hope you take a peek at the blogs I have on the side of mine. One in particular is MckMama. She is usually very funny, and has an amazing story of healing for her newborn son. But last night, she went totally in a different direction, and wrote a really deep entry. It goes right along with Sunday school and the sermons from yesterday, and it is about what we deserve vs.the grace we are given. Another amazing blog is Bring the Rain. If you read it from the start, you are going to need a box of Kleenex! Both of these ladies have been through horrible circumstances, but they praise God nonetheless. It encourages me so much to see women of faith like these...and like the ones that God has placed in my 'real' life. One of the many blessings that I have is the friendships of some fantastic, God-loving women. I don't deserve any of the blessings I've been given, and it's only through God's grace that I am so blessed.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Shop 'Til You Drop!

Paige and I had a great Girl's Day today! We had lunch at Tara's with two of our favorite peeps, Shelby and Cindy. Then we went shopping! Since we gave up trying to find clothes in the girl's department, life is a little easier for us. Belks had a great clearance sale with an extra 25% off, and we racked up for Paige. Lots of shirts, including tunics which she can wear as dresses with leggings. I got a few shirts for work...I'm sick and tired of the polos every day. My favorite store was Bath and Body Works today, and I even got a few Christmas presents...I just couldn't help myself. I know its too early, but I want to be in the Christmas spirit, so humor me. I did have these grand ideas of a big makeover today, with some new outfits instead of the same ole same ole, but shopping with Paige, that isn't going to happen. I get frustrated enough shopping and trying on clothes by myself, that with both of us in the dressing room, there would have been tears at some point. Instead I bought myself some hair color. Wish me luck!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Does the Control Freak Really Want to Let Go?

Frank and I were watching Oprah Monday (yes, he will watch tv with me so he can gripe about it), and it was a really bad Oprah, one about sex, but we are really bad people so we were watching it so we could talk about what freaks they were. Anyway, we were watching the bad Oprah and one teeny tiny part of the very bad sex show was about how the woman always was in control in their home about everything (this part wasn't exactly about the sex). The therapist had her husband completely plan a date, even pick out her clothes, without her knowing anything about where they were going or what they were doing. I told Frank that I thought that would be so cool to have him plan a date like that (but maybe not pick out my clothes!). He said no way, I couldn't stand not knowing what was going on. And he may be right. I always want to know exactly what is going on...I can't even stand to have to wait for Birthday and Christmas surprises. Whenever we go anywhere, I plan everything...except where to eat in Milledgeville, because I feel so guilty when the food isn't good. (Like it's my fault or something.) But I think the idea of him planning a date is so romantic. But then again, will what he actually planned be as romantic as the idea of it? I mean, duckhunting in the freezing cold may light his fire, but not mine! Hmmm, it's great in theory, but maybe we shouldn't mess with our successful system. I do the planning, and he goes along with it...kinda like watching Oprah.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Is it too soon to start thinking about Christmas?

I was looking at an Oriental Trading catalog during lunch (with 18 of my closest little friends) and got to thinking about Christmas. I wanted to get the kids new stockings with their names on them last year, but never got around to it. So when the kids were gone to Music, I did a search on personalized stockings and found velvet ones at Pottery Barn for $15, free monogramming, and free shipping. I bought one for all four of us because I don't think I can beat that deal anywhere. Even if I bought Walmart stockings, once I had them monogrammed, I'd have that much in them...right? I'm already way obsessed with my Christmas tea tables...yes, tables, I'm actually doing two of them. (If you need a place to sit, I gotta spot.) I almost took out paper and pen to make my Christmas gift list, but I know I'll lose it in my purse way before then. Maybe I'll back off of Christmas a little bit, and just enjoy Thanksgiving...we're going to see the Christmas lights at Callaway Thanksgiving night! :o)

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

First Blog

So, since I've been following so many blogs, I thought it was time that I start one too. So what do I blog about?

Frank: My husband of 16 1/2 years; opinionated, sometimes abrasive, brutally honest. He loves his family, his friends, his church, and God with all his heart. I couldn't ask for a better partner in life.

Jacob: My 12 year old son: very smart, handsome, growing up way too fast. He is so much like his daddy, but has more of me thrown in than people realize. I know that God has big plans for him.

Paige: My 9 year old daughter: drama, drama, drama! She keeps life interesting. She loves big, and when she hurts, it's big too. She looks just like her daddy, I'm sure she gets all her drama from him too!

And me, Cathryn: Blessed beyond belief. I have beautiful healthy children, a husband who loves me when I'm definitely unlovable, and friends who have become my family. Best of all, I have a Savior who made all of this and much more possible.