Thursday, February 5, 2009

A Long Hot Bubble Bath

Paige got her cast off today! She has a snazzy new brace and can put weight on her leg as tolerated. She goes Monday afternoon to get set up for physical therapy. She is to do therapy twice a week for 6 to 10 weeks. We go back to the dr 3/5. When we got home, she immediately got into a tub full of hot water with calgon moisturizing bath beads (island paradise scented) and a squirt of joy dishwashing soap for good measure. Trust me, she needed the dish soap. (I was tempted to squirt a little Mr. Clean in there ;o) )
Jacob is finally feeling like his old self again. He's had a booger of a cold, and has been out of school all week. He will be returning tomorrow. Frank and Jacob have had the nasty cold that is going around, but Paige and I have bypassed it so far. She did pull a sneaky on me yesterday, and was dying sick at 7 am when I was trying to leave for work. I gave her nyquil...either to cure her or punish her, whatever the case may be, and miraculously woke up healed completely. I made her skip Team Kids to punish her for faking. She had to stay with me in Women's Ministry, and as much as she pouted, she enjoyed Stephanie's devotion about being a good friend...especially the pouting part!
I'm exhausted after my day off of work, and ready to get some sleep and get ready for tomorrow and my big weekend: Romeo and Juliet Saturday night woo hoo! A play and a romantic dinner for 12...what more could a girl ask for?

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