Monday, December 28, 2009

The Time of My Life!

I am having the time of my life! We had a nice, relaxing Christmas at home just the four of us. Saturday morning, we headed out on our adventures. There are five of us...we are taking Matthew along for the ride. (And he will never be the same, I tell ya!)

We had already planned to go to Vicksburg after Christmas to see the Civil War sights, and a few days before Christmas, I got a card from my Aunt Faye and she made the mistake of writing "come see us" in it. As soon as I read that, I got an enormous case of homesickness...something I never get! I haven't seen my aunts and uncles since my Granny died, and I really hadn't visited with them since my Daddy died. Frank saw how homesick I was for them, and he changed our plans around so we could go visit family on the way to Mississippi...take the long way, to say the least.

We stopped first at Frank's parents and had lunch with them. Then we went to my Uncle Shorty and Aunt Betty's and had a great time and a lot of laughs. From there we went to my cousin Little Carolyn's house in the Fl panhandle. (She was named after my mama, and will always be Little Carolyn to me.) We stayed up til 3am central time talking. She cooked us a big breakfast, and we had such a good time visiting with her family. Then we went to Dothan, AL to see her mama, my aunt Faye. She had supper cooked for us and it was SOOOOOOOO GOOD! She had so much food cooked, that our plates would not fit on the table! I didn't even eat a little of everything she had, and I still didn't have room for dessert....and I never pass up dessert! It tasted just like my Granny's cooking. We visited with her and uncle Jim and reluctantly left to head to Mississippi.

We got to Pearl at about 2 am central time. Today, we had a delicious lunch with Rick's brothers, and spent all afternoon talking and laughing. We have not even started our sight seeing, and I am already having the time of my life. The kids are being so good. The two boys keep each other occupied, and Paige has a new ipod and camera to keep her happy. This after Christmas trip sure beats last year's! (Paige broke her leg 12/26/08.) I am so blessed to have such a sweet husband to drive hundreds of miles out of the way so that I can see my family! This really is the best time of my life!

Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas!

This is my favorite gift that I received! My friend Cindy gave it to me and I love it so much I think I'm going to leave it out all year long!
This is our living room after Santa came last night. White ribbons were for Paige, and green ribbons were for Jacob. No names, just a secret code between Santa and me.
7:00 a.m. I could not sleep...I think I was more excited than the least more excited than Jacob! he's ready to get started!
After all the opening...
I tried to keep the mess contained so that we didn't lose any presents!

I got a video camera from Jacob, a panini grill from Paige, and a lap desk for my computer from Frank. Frank got a world map for his office, a robe and pjs, and a model of the USS Saratoga. He was on the Saratoga when he was in the Navy during Desert Storm. Jacob got an airsoft gun, a bow, and a Tower 200 exercise thing. Paige got an American Girl doll, a camera, and this...
That's my favorite gift that I gave. I love how it turned out!
We are headed to south GA for a little more Christmas and then to Mississippi for a family vacation. From our home to yours...Merry Christmas!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

It's about Giving

Since they were born, I've tried to teach my children that Christmas isn't about getting, it's about giving. I know they have heard this a million times...or at least it feels like it. This year, I've tried really hard to teach my students the same thing. We read "Chicken Soup for the Soup: A Kid's Christmas Treasury" every day, and finished it after our Christmas party today. I know they have really enjoyed it, because I had a parent ask me what the name of the book we had been reading was. Almost every story was an example of how "it's the thought that counts". We've learned that the best gifts "are from the heart" and that they "don't have to cost a thing". I've received many of those gifts this week. I've gotten lots and lots of pictures and love notes. In the middle of the chaos that is called a second grade party, I was slipped a tiny piece of paper that said "BEST PARTY EVER!" I also got a ton of hugs and a million smiles. I even had a plastic ring slipped on my finger! I love Christmas. I love receiving gifts. And I love those second graders. I hope they never forget what we have learned about Christmas this year. Christmas really is about giving...not getting!

Monday, December 14, 2009

Look What I Did!

I have been a busy bee since I got home from work today! I boiled and deboned chicken breasts and made poppyseed chicken for dinner. I even used the chicken broth to make rice pilaf (ok, rice-a-roni). I made two batches of sausage balls for the kids' Christmas parties. I cooked a big package of hamburger for two more nights' dinners. I washed several loads of clothes. And then...
I made this! Three spools of ribbon, an embroidery hoop, and an hour and a half of tying bows, and voila! I read about this a month ago, and have been planning to make a couple. I learned a lot from this one. Some ribbon is easier than others to make into bows. That green glittery ribbon was very stiff and I have glitter all over me! On the next one, I need to measure how long to leave the first part when I tie to keep the bows more uniform. I started out trying to make the bows too small, and it was U G L Y at first. It may be the time and energy I put into it, but I think it's darn pretty right now! Watch out Martha Stewart!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Christmas Tour of Homes...Meighan Style

Welcome to our home! I am participating in some of my favorite blogger's Holiday Tour of Homes. I hope you enjoy the tour of our home, and go to their blogs to enjoy some of the other beautiful homes as well!Rhoda's blog is one of my daily must reads! She lives in Birmingham, and makes everything she touches beautiful!

The Nester is taking over the tour of homes from another daily must read of mine. I'm new to the Nester, but love what I see!

Come on in! Our front door is not actually crooked, but it was raining and dark when I photographed it, and I was trying not to fall off of the porch into the rain!

Let's not forget the reason for the season. This kneeling Santa belonged to my mama. She searched high and low for one after reading a story about it. I know it isn't historically accurate, but it is a sweet way to enjoy both aspects of this holiday.
The stockings are hung by the chimney with care. Daddy, Jacob, Paige, and Mama are all anxiously awaiting Santa's arrival. I bought my Nativity at Walmart when Jacob was just a baby, and I still think its one of the prettiest I've ever seen.
This is our family tree. It is decorated with ornaments the children have made and gifts that my students have given me. I love all of the beautiful trees that other people have, but each and every ornament on this tree means the world to me. One day, I'll do a fancy schmancy tree too, but I will always treasure this one the most!
On just about every flat surface in my house I have the things that sweet students have given me. (I have lots of Christmas stuff, but I haven't bought most of it!)

This is the view into the living room from the side the tree is on. You might notice that one of my santas is turned around backwards. I have a naughty 13 year old son who turns my decorations around to torment me...I didn't catch this one before the picture was taken!

Here's Santa loading the sleigh(s).

Here's a close up of him. My daddy was in the construction business, and when we saw this at Callaway Gardens, Mama had to have him! It plays music and the bucket lifts up and down. One of my favorite childhood memories is my daddy putting us in the bucket of his front end loader and lifting us up to pick pears.

This is our dining room tree. It has my breakable ornaments on it. The red balls, are from our first Christmas tree 17 years ago! Back then all we had were red balls and candy canes.

Our dining table is set with snowmen this year.

My collection of snowmen were all gifts too, except for the big one. He and the dishes came from Target the day after Christmas a couple of years ago. Half price, I couldn't help myself! They look kinda haphazard in this pic, but it's much cuter in person...I think.

See what I mean! You are welcome to join us at our Christmas table. Thank you for stopping by! Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night!

Sunday, December 6, 2009


I feel like blogging again! We had a great weekend, full of Christmas cheer, and I want to share it!
Friday night, we went to Jackson to see First Baptist Church's "Walk through Bethlehem". It was sooooo sweet! Not only was it a wonderful portrayal of the birth of Christ, it was amazing to see people who were so dedicated to put on such a huge undertaking. It was COLD! and there were all of these people serving Christ without complaint. From the ladies at the registration table, to the ladies serving cookies and hot chocolate, and all the actors in between, they were a great example of the body of Christ working for one purpose.
After the "Walk through Bethlehem", we went to eat at Buckners, and had the best fried chicken I've had in a long time...if ever. MMMM, I forgot how good the pulley bone piece is! It was a long, stuffed, ride home, but a wonderful night spent with wonderful friends.
Saturday, we went shopping in Macon. Frank took the kids, and I went to Ulta all by myself, and looked, and looked, and bought a little bit too. They went to Dick's, and snuck off somewhere else to get me a Christmas gift...I sure hope it didn't come from Dick's. Paige needed to break away from the boys, so she and I did some more shopping while Frank and Jake went to Bass Pro. I am happy to announce I finally got a pair of jeans. And I paid full price, and did not even look at the tag, because I needed them, and they fit, and sometimes you just gotta do what you just gotta do. Then we went to Starbucks and had red velvet cupcakes and caramel brulee lattes...I hope the jeans will still fit!
Sunday, I made ornaments with the 10 sweetest 2 and 3 year olds around! We ate at Leiu's for lunch, then watched a cute movie..."New in Town". We capped off the weekend with Lakeside's play, "The Gospel According to Scrooge". It was so good! Another example of the body of Christ working together for one purpose. This has been a great weekend....a gift I really needed and appreciate. Merry Christmas!