Wednesday, December 16, 2009

It's about Giving

Since they were born, I've tried to teach my children that Christmas isn't about getting, it's about giving. I know they have heard this a million times...or at least it feels like it. This year, I've tried really hard to teach my students the same thing. We read "Chicken Soup for the Soup: A Kid's Christmas Treasury" every day, and finished it after our Christmas party today. I know they have really enjoyed it, because I had a parent ask me what the name of the book we had been reading was. Almost every story was an example of how "it's the thought that counts". We've learned that the best gifts "are from the heart" and that they "don't have to cost a thing". I've received many of those gifts this week. I've gotten lots and lots of pictures and love notes. In the middle of the chaos that is called a second grade party, I was slipped a tiny piece of paper that said "BEST PARTY EVER!" I also got a ton of hugs and a million smiles. I even had a plastic ring slipped on my finger! I love Christmas. I love receiving gifts. And I love those second graders. I hope they never forget what we have learned about Christmas this year. Christmas really is about giving...not getting!

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