Monday, December 28, 2009

The Time of My Life!

I am having the time of my life! We had a nice, relaxing Christmas at home just the four of us. Saturday morning, we headed out on our adventures. There are five of us...we are taking Matthew along for the ride. (And he will never be the same, I tell ya!)

We had already planned to go to Vicksburg after Christmas to see the Civil War sights, and a few days before Christmas, I got a card from my Aunt Faye and she made the mistake of writing "come see us" in it. As soon as I read that, I got an enormous case of homesickness...something I never get! I haven't seen my aunts and uncles since my Granny died, and I really hadn't visited with them since my Daddy died. Frank saw how homesick I was for them, and he changed our plans around so we could go visit family on the way to Mississippi...take the long way, to say the least.

We stopped first at Frank's parents and had lunch with them. Then we went to my Uncle Shorty and Aunt Betty's and had a great time and a lot of laughs. From there we went to my cousin Little Carolyn's house in the Fl panhandle. (She was named after my mama, and will always be Little Carolyn to me.) We stayed up til 3am central time talking. She cooked us a big breakfast, and we had such a good time visiting with her family. Then we went to Dothan, AL to see her mama, my aunt Faye. She had supper cooked for us and it was SOOOOOOOO GOOD! She had so much food cooked, that our plates would not fit on the table! I didn't even eat a little of everything she had, and I still didn't have room for dessert....and I never pass up dessert! It tasted just like my Granny's cooking. We visited with her and uncle Jim and reluctantly left to head to Mississippi.

We got to Pearl at about 2 am central time. Today, we had a delicious lunch with Rick's brothers, and spent all afternoon talking and laughing. We have not even started our sight seeing, and I am already having the time of my life. The kids are being so good. The two boys keep each other occupied, and Paige has a new ipod and camera to keep her happy. This after Christmas trip sure beats last year's! (Paige broke her leg 12/26/08.) I am so blessed to have such a sweet husband to drive hundreds of miles out of the way so that I can see my family! This really is the best time of my life!

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Linda said...

Sounds like a wonderful trip for happy that you got to visit all your family! Hope you and your family have a HAPPY HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!