Friday, January 8, 2010

Look What Came in the Mail Today!

I knew that I wouldn't be getting my "big" Christmas present until after Christmas. Last year, Frank gave me a diamond add-a-link bracelet for Christmas, and he added a second link to it for my birthday, and was adding another link this Christmas. We dropped my bracelet off at my hometown jewelry store the day after Christmas, and Cindy was going to mail it to me when she finished with it. It arrived today, and was all wrapped up with ribbons and bows for Christmas. I opened it up, fully expecting it to have a new link for a total of 3 links. Surprise!Frank actually got me two links and it totally changed the look of the bracelet! I loved it before, and I LOVE it now! This picture taken with my cell phone does not do it justice at all! I love my bling, and I love my husband! For all his gruffness, he really is a blessing from God. He takes care of me and puts up with me, and I am so lucky to have been married to him for almost 18 years!

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