Saturday, January 30, 2010

Devastation and Hope

Having a friend of 10 years lie about someone you love.
Hearing someone you entrusted your children to tell you to remove them from a place they loved.
Being set up to fall by people you loved and that you thought loved you and your family.
Telling your children that their life has changed forever.
Realizing that you are expendable and when your purpose is over, so are friendships.
Knowing that our family unit of 4 is stronger than ever.
Knowing that you have two amazing children who will not only survive, but prosper.
Seeing the real friends who stick with you through thick and thin.
Knowing that my hope is in God, not man.


Hollie said...

what in the world has happened...hoping it gets better!

debbie adamson said...


Dont know what happened but we experienced some of the same hurts but God was powerful thru it all and He was is and always will be our friend comforter and strength when man will let you down. Our family of five are much stronger and wiser and more solid thru it all. At this point glad the Lord chose t grow us thru it. Just dont hold on to the anger and bitterness ask God to work a forgiveness in your heart.
Those that hurt you will have to deal with it....
Praying for you Frank and kids
Love debbie Adamson