Saturday, January 16, 2010

Our Old Stomping Grounds

We are in Jacksonville for the weekend. When we were first married, we lived here in Jacksonville. Some things look exactly the same, some things look very different. We came to visit some friends that we made from Frank's Navy days. That is something that hasn't changed at all! We have known Dave and Teresa for about 17 years, and even though we go years without seeing each other, they are the type of friends that when you see them, you just pick up right where you left off. Meghann was a 2 year old precious curly haired baby girl when we met her, and she is now a precious curly haired young woman. Teresa has lost about 70 lbs! She looks fantastic. Dave, well, poor Dave looks a lot like his dad now, hahaha! Their 13 year old son hasn't hit his growth spurt yet, so he looks way younger than our Jake. He sure has mellowed out since the last time we saw him though. We had a great time laughing and being loud, and had a yummy dinner of Honey Baked Ham. (We couldn't afford delicacies like that back when we lived here!) Tomorrow we are going to church with them, and then drive over to St. Augustine if the weather cooperates. The rain stopped soon after we got into Florida, and I hope it stays far away. But rain or shine, I'm sure we will find some kind of trouble to get into here in Florida...I've been trying all day to teach my kids the right way to say Florida...I can't find a real Floridian around here to show them that I'm right! Everybody here is from somewhere else! Florida (Flar-duh) not (Floor-duh)!

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