Sunday, February 28, 2010

The Treadmill Is Not My Friend!

So, I went to Run Fit in Warner Robbins and got new running shoes. I was so excited that I couldn't wait to run. Sharon is out of town, and Frank was at a skeet shoot, so I decided to hit the treadmill. I haven't been on the treadmill in close to two years. Back then, I did it for an hour a day each and every day with no problems. Yesterday was a different story.

IT HURT! My hair was soaked with sweat when I got off after 30 minutes/2 miles. I walk at 4 mph and started out trying to run at 6. HAHAHAHA! I barely made it 90 seconds the first "sprint". I backed off to 5 mph for the second "sprint" and only made it 60 seconds. I finally did another 60 seconds at 5 mph. But it was truly all I could do to finish the 30 minutes. I raised the incline a little bit and it actually helped with the shin pain I was developing.

I have never had shin pain in any walking/running I've ever done. Surely it can't be my brand new Brooks running shoes that were fitted to my feet! PLEASE don't let it be these wonderful shoes that I want to love so much! I'm blaming that blasted treadmill! I'm still having shin pain today. Not horrible, but it's there. The good news is that the ankle and rib pain I was experiencing earlier is completely gone! I think I'm taking today off from walking and am praying for a complete recovery before tomorrow's walk/run with Sharon. But I'm 6 for 6 at exercising. :) Woo Hoo!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

4 for 4

Day four of the exercise/water thing. And it's going well. Yesterday we went 5 laps with 2 of them being walk/run with more run than the day before. Definitely felt it in my legs! Today we did 3 laps because #1 it was so cold and windy, and #2 Sharon got sick. We ran/walked one lap, with running almost half of it. (every other light pole) Even though it was only 3 laps, FEEL it! Tomorrow Sharon will be out of town, so going to walk with Paige. My goal is a 5k, and I saw one advertised for Warner Robbins this weekend....nope, not ready yet!

I came home and crashed, so we went to Chili's for dinner. Wanted crispy chicken tacos, but had wings instead (low carbs). Really wanted the chips and salsa, so I ate salsa off of a fork. YUM!

I saw a gorgeous chocolate peanut butter cup cake on bakerella yesterday, and can't wait til somebody's birthday so I can make it. That cake might be worth cheating on my diet for! But so far, I have no real desire to cheat. When I think about it, I think about what would be good enough to be worth cheating...and that takes my desire away. If I'm gonna cheat, it has to be worth it! Right now, getting into the next smaller size in my closet is what I desire. I'm down 1 size, about 5 more to go! But I feel great, and I'm ready to do this thing! Go Me!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Day 2 of exercise. Sharon and I went back to the River Walk. Today we did 4 laps around, with lap 2 and 3 being run/walk. More walk than run, but I definitely felt the run. Way more than she felt the run I'm afraid. It seemed effortless to her, and I was just proud when I was finally able to do it without the loud grunting. I felt great when we finished, and vowed to do 5 laps tomorrow as we were walking to the car. And then I got home and had to get out of the car. WOW I definitely felt the workout today. It got better as I moved around the house, but I'm pretty nervous about how my legs will feel in the morning. If the rain holds off, I'll be out there again tomorrow. If it is raining, I will be on my treadmill. (Assuming it still works after the 2 year break I've given it!)

Monday, February 22, 2010


Well, I did it. I got off my behind and exercised. I also drank a bunch of water. I try to tell myself that everytime I go potty, I'm losing weight! A couple of weeks ago I ordered some mbt fitness shoes...or good butt shoes as we call them. I love them. They are a little heavy, but they are soooo comfy. Plus, they make me taller! Sharon and I went to the River Walk after school, and we walked 3 laps. It was muddy, but it was a great place to walk other than that. As soon as I drove away, I was kicking myself for not going another lap. I'm looking forward to going back tomorrow. (Assuming I can move in the morning.)

Tonight was my night to host the Beth Moore Bible study. It was really good tonight, and what I needed to hear. Who knows? I know! :o)

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Such a Good Place

My family is in such a good place now. I didn't want things to change...especially the way that the change happened. I didn't want to learn the things about people that I did...especially the way we learned them. But less than a month later, my heart is so full.

Frank is really a great guy. He loves me in spite of myself and handles all the things that I don't want to face. He has a 3.8 GPA and will take 4 classes next quarter so that he can graduate from GMC and take the summer off to be with me and the kids. I'm so proud of him. Believe it or not, he has much more patience than I do and is such a good father. He still misses his students an unbelievable amount, but the phone calls, cards, and visits that he has had with them and their parents has done him a world of good.

Jacob has really come out of his shell. He loves his youth group, and he has a youth pastor that is interested in him. There is no "in crowd" it's just kids who want to learn about Jesus. What a blessing! He's doing well in school, and is learning so much. I am excited about the opportunities that his new school holds for him. Anyone who thinks EBLA is for misfits or rejects (as I've heard recently) has no idea what they are talking about.

Paige is doing great too. She loves going to Mrs. Debbie for school, but doesn't like actual at our home school nearly as much. She is very social, so she needs to get out of the house. She and Mrs. Debbie are working very hard and Mrs. Debbie is the biggest blessing to us! Not only does she work with Paige, but she keeps us on track the rest of the week too. Paige is so lucky to have such a sweet, Godly woman who cares so much about her.

Me...I've been on my diet for over a month now, and I've stuck to it like glue. I am going to start the exercise and water components tomorrow. Hey, Rome wasn't built in a day! I am really at peace with the decisions we have made for our family. I love the church we are visiting. I am still a little hesitant about making new friends. I can't help but still feel hurt by the way that people I thought were friends have acted. When I hear the things they say I want to be ugly, but I know it wouldn't do any good. My eyes have really been opened by all that has happened, and someday, theirs will be too.

All in all, our family is in a really good place. Our home is at peace. When humans let you down, you really cling to the things that matter. Our relationships with God and with each other and with true friends are the only ones that matter anyway. Life is good.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Things That Make Me Smile

1. Listening to Paige chatter about how great her day at Mrs. Debbie's was.
2. Hearing Frank tell me that he can tell I've lost weight...without me asking him!
3. Fitting into a pair of pants a size smaller than I'm used to that I haven't worn in over a year.
4. Looking forward to Bible Study tonight with friends.
5. Coming up with a great plan to surprise Frank with for Valentine's Day.
6. Having Jacob tell me about talking to new friends at his new school about "guy stuff".
7. Being able to get Rudy an emergency beauty shop appointment tomorrow.
8. Selling Jake's old truck and finding the perfect bed for his new truck on craigslist in record time.
9. Ordering a pair of "good butt" shoes.
10. Smelling chicken cacciatore cooking for my sweet family.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Sunday Night Rambling

This has been a nice weekend. Friday night we went out to eat with our favorite friends. Saturday was a pretty lazy day. Jacob was gone for most of it. He had a great time playing paint ball and then bowling with the friends he is making at Lakeside. (I think the best part of his day was the pizza!) Logan and Danny came over to eat pizza and hang out Saturday night and my big excitement was coloring my hair, lol. Sunday was great! We had a wonderful time in Sunday school and church at Lakeside in the morning and went to Grace Sunday night. Getting back to having church, real church, has been so good for us! We had lunch at a very fancy may have heard of it...Waffle House! Cheap and good! Shelby, Cindy, and I went to see Dear John between services. It was a bit different from the book, but it was still very good! I didn't cry as much as I did reading the book, but I sure could have fallen for John! Frank sold Jacob's truck today...very easy sell thanks to craigslist. He is going to SC tomorrow to get a bed for Jacob's "new" truck. Since we had 4 vehicles and only 2 drivers right now, he decided to get rid of Jake's Ford and fix up my daddy's Dodge for him instead. Paige is going to school at Mrs. Debbie's on Mondays and Wednesdays starting tomorrow. She is very excited! She went to a birthday party today and got to see her friends. This has been a much better weekend than the last one, and I'm looking forward to a good week!

Thursday, February 4, 2010


This week I have heard a lot about being christian-like. If what my family has experienced is christian-like, I don't want any part of it!
Christian-like people I considered friends (who had nothing to do with the situation, and don't know what really happened) have been downright ugly and cowardly.
To those people: THANK YOU!
You have taught me an invaluable lesson this week. I don't want to be christian-like. I want to be Christ-like!
I am far from that right now, but I am continuously trying.
And I don't want any more christian-like friends...I want Christ-like friends!

Monday, February 1, 2010


From the pits of despair to the moutain top! God has provided not only a school for my kids, but an AWESOME school! Jacob will get to start EBLA tomorrow. Paige will be homeschooled the rest of this year, but EBLA will also handle her grades and paperwork so that it is all accredited. Not only accredited, but accredited with distinction! It was very obvious that Dr. Moss is very intelligent and professional. She is a breath of fresh air to us. Jacob already knows some of his classmates (a group of about 6 boys) and he is very excited. Paige is also thrilled about homeschool, and we are praying that Mrs. Debbie will be able to work with Paige a few days a week so that she has some structure. This is such an answer to prayer! I haven't been so excited about my kids' education in a very long time. This won't replace the teachers Jacob has had for so long, but I know this is what is best for all of us. I know that Jacob will getting the top notch education he deserves. Hallelujah!