Thursday, February 25, 2010

4 for 4

Day four of the exercise/water thing. And it's going well. Yesterday we went 5 laps with 2 of them being walk/run with more run than the day before. Definitely felt it in my legs! Today we did 3 laps because #1 it was so cold and windy, and #2 Sharon got sick. We ran/walked one lap, with running almost half of it. (every other light pole) Even though it was only 3 laps, FEEL it! Tomorrow Sharon will be out of town, so going to walk with Paige. My goal is a 5k, and I saw one advertised for Warner Robbins this weekend....nope, not ready yet!

I came home and crashed, so we went to Chili's for dinner. Wanted crispy chicken tacos, but had wings instead (low carbs). Really wanted the chips and salsa, so I ate salsa off of a fork. YUM!

I saw a gorgeous chocolate peanut butter cup cake on bakerella yesterday, and can't wait til somebody's birthday so I can make it. That cake might be worth cheating on my diet for! But so far, I have no real desire to cheat. When I think about it, I think about what would be good enough to be worth cheating...and that takes my desire away. If I'm gonna cheat, it has to be worth it! Right now, getting into the next smaller size in my closet is what I desire. I'm down 1 size, about 5 more to go! But I feel great, and I'm ready to do this thing! Go Me!


Roxanne said...

Go you!

Caryn said...

Go you!!! Got a run here on May 1. Just letting you know.