Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Day 2 of exercise. Sharon and I went back to the River Walk. Today we did 4 laps around, with lap 2 and 3 being run/walk. More walk than run, but I definitely felt the run. Way more than she felt the run I'm afraid. It seemed effortless to her, and I was just proud when I was finally able to do it without the loud grunting. I felt great when we finished, and vowed to do 5 laps tomorrow as we were walking to the car. And then I got home and had to get out of the car. WOW I definitely felt the workout today. It got better as I moved around the house, but I'm pretty nervous about how my legs will feel in the morning. If the rain holds off, I'll be out there again tomorrow. If it is raining, I will be on my treadmill. (Assuming it still works after the 2 year break I've given it!)

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