Saturday, February 28, 2009

Friday Night Lesson

Remember way back when I said how much I wanted Frank to plan a night out? He did! And I tried to 'rain on his parade' every which way I could. I'm such an old poot. He told me Thurs. that he wanted to go out to eat on Friday night. We used to do this all the time, but lately, I just want to hide in my bed come Friday night. Ugh.
Friday morning he was in a great mood...which for some stupid reason put me in a bad mood. (I know, I'm crazy, I'm battling it big time lately.) Anyway, he was bouncing around, happy as a lark, and said he wanted to go to Fish n Pig in Macon. Ugh. Macon. On a Friday night.
I dreaded it all day. When we were leaving work, everyone was nervous about bad weather coming, so I looked it up online. Where is the bad weather coming from...MACON! I called Frank and so sweetly told him that the radar was red in Macon, and we really needed to stay home. He sounded let down, and I did feel bad.
When I got home, I ran through the house picking up our junk because someone who is going to help me clean was coming by, and I didn't want to scare her away before she even started. Frank came in, and in front of her, said we were going to Macon. What? I thought had squashed that dream.
So, off to Macon we go. Jacob is worse than me...whining all the way to Gray about where we are going, why do we have to go so far, he's tired, blah blah blah. And I realized who he sounded like, and where he got it from. OOPS.
We did make it to Macon, and there was hardly any rain at all. (I hate bad weather, especially driving in it, so this was a huge blessing.) We went to BassPro and finally got Frank the shoes he's been wanting. And he bought the ones that were half as much as the ones I think he really wanted. And then we went to eat. And there was no line. We were seated immediately. And the food was good, the catfish and boiled peanuts were excellent! Paige and I slept on the way home because I'm old and she's a little kid. And it was a nice night.

Why was I such a stubborn fool? Why wouldn't I just let him do something nice for me and take what he was offering? I think we are exactly the same way with God. He is offering us more than we can imagine, and we are stubborn old poots who won't get past ourselves to accept the blessings He has for us. And then when we see other people doing the same exact things we do, we judge them and get aggravated with them. The next time Frank offers to do something for me, I'm gonna try to remember to just go with it....and I'm going to pray that I do this with God too. Get over myself and enjoy what He has for me.

Jacob is doing the devotion at the 10 am Upward game today...and it's deep stuff. I wanted to say "oh, dont you think it should be a little lighter for a basketball game" but Frank just said "out of the mouth of babes" so I wisely kept my mouth shut. It's not what I want Jake to say, it's what God has told him to say. I feel like there will be mucho grande tears from his Mama today. Please pray for God's words to be spoken clearly (both figuratively and literally, he is having trouble talking with the braces) and that I won't embaress him with my snotty tear stained face when he's done!

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steph said...

Oh Cathryn I love you! Maybe we were twins separated at birth! :) So glad you had a nice night out! I remind myself all the time I'm glad I've got a husband who likes to hang out with me :) I'm praying for Jacob. Leslie gave hers last night and I was not even there (bad mother I know)