Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Family Night (week 3)

You may remember, I declared Tuesdays "Family Night" at the Meighan house. The first night went very well, and Frank even helped me clean the kitchen! Last week, we had PTF, so Family Night wasn't quite the big deal I tried to make it week 1. I did cook, but it was just a mac and cheese casserole and we ate it hurriedly around the bar. This week, I cooked a pork roast in the crockpot all day, and am now cooking new potatoes and collard greens...my kids just so happen to LOVE greens of any kind. I think that "Family Night" must be a hit for them, because both of them have mentioned that tonights the big night. (I think they are just so proud that I am actually cooking!)

In other news...Paige is doing really good with her physical therapy. In just two sessions, and lots of homework on her part, she has gone from 17-58 range of motion to 5-91. Im not exactly sure what those numbers mean, but her good leg is 0-136. So we are definitely making progress. She has a young therapist working with her, and she became attached to her immediately. She has not complained at all, and really enjoys going. I am very thankful that she is making quick progress. At our first visit, the girl said we had a lot of work to do, but Paige is definitely doing her part. I thank God that He gave us the right person to be her therapist.

Jacob is Jacob. He got his braces last Wednesday, and is already eating all the stuff he's not supposed to. He has complained more than Paige ever did with hers! He really didn't want to get them, but I think when he gets them off and all the girls realize he is just as handsome as his mama thinks he is, he'll thank me for them. Ok, he won't thank me out loud, but a mother can dream.

Frank is doing good in school. His English teacher loves him, which is really funny, because his highschool English teacher loved him too. He is surviving in math with help from Jacob's teacher. He is really busy with work right now, and he is missing Rick like crazy. Next quarter he is taking two regular classes and a Saturday class. The Saturday class if just for one month. The regular classes don't start til 8 so he will be here in the mornings when we're all getting ready for school. For that, I am very thankful.

I have no good way to tie this all together...so I just hope you have a great Family Night!

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