Tuesday, February 24, 2009


I am frustrated. Work is crazy. I'm overwhelmed. I want to do something fun and creative. I have found so many blogs with such beautiful ideas, and I want to try them all. But I am so overwhelmed with just making it through another day, that I can't do any of the fun stuff I want to do. I want to make my house pretty, and get ready for spring, and clean every nook and cranny and organize and, and, and... But I feel so bogged down, I need a push just to get the laundry that is sitting on my bed folded. BIG SIGH!

But in other news, life isn't so bad. Jacob mentioned on the way home from school that it's Family Night and wanted to know what was for dinner. He remembers! Ok, he really just wants a decent meal, but at least he knows that tonight is Family Night.

Paige continues to do great in phys therapy. She is walking at home with no crutches. The dr and pt haven't approved it, but she feels comfortable with it, it doesn't hurt, so as long as she has her brace on, we're ok with it.

I'm getting new windows in my house in about 2 weeks. YAY! I'm totally crazy, but I'm so excited about the opportunity to put up good blinds inside the window frames. My old windows have a metal rod, so you can't hang blinds inside the frames, so I just bought cheap ones when we moved in. New blinds have me thinking I want a new comforter and new drapes for my bedroom too. I'll keep that a nice little secret from Frank for now, or he'll put a stop to my windows!

Here's something funny. Apparently we are trendsetters in the neighborhood. We put a new roof on our house...2 weeks later our neighbors put a new roof on theirs. We cut down trees in our yard....now our neighbors are cutting down some of theirs. We'll have to see what happens with the windows...if they get new ones too, I'll finally feel like the popular people!

In case you're wondering...Family Night dinner is roast, mashed potatoes, and corn. No green veggies...I didn't say Family Night was perfect, but at least it's memorable!


steph said...

I think that the cure for your innner struggles is a trip to Hobby Lobby so you can look at all the home decor stuff... of course it will only count as therapy if some good friends are along to "help" you shop! :)

Tina G said...

I so often go through that same exact feeling !!!! And it is so frustrating! I would need to take a month off work to get to all my fun projects I want to do! I agree with Steph... a little shopping trip with friends can cure a lot. It's amazing how a new home accessory makes a woman feel! :-)