Monday, March 2, 2009

Snow Day (minus the snow)

Sunday, it SNOWED! It snowed quite a bit, but it was very wet here, so it didn't stick for long. I've seen lots of pics my friends took, and there was enough to play in. How fun! My kids played in the snow (together, without fighting). I watched Paige in the driveway dancing in the snow. I'm not sure which is the bigger miracle...snow in middle ga on March 1st or Paige dancing after the injury she had. Hallelujah!
I stayed up til 11 waiting and holding my breath that we wouldn't have school today. Every county that touches ours called off school by 9pm. I finally got the phone call at 5:45 am. As much as I appreciated that call, I would have appreciated it even more last night so that I could have slept late.
Today has been a nice, lazy day. I wish I had counted how many loads of laundry I did Sunday and Monday. I bought new sheets and towels, so I washed all the new stuff, then I washed all the old stuff we took off the beds. Plus the kids were forced to clean their rooms, really clean them, not just hide the stuff, so I got all kinds of laundry from that. But other than laundry, I haven't done much. I spent most of the morning reading blogs. There are some really creative people out there...I want to be one of them!
Tomorrow, it's back to work...for two days, then Thursday we go back to Alpharetta to the dr. Heath and Andrea are coming Thursday night. I have to work Friday, of course, then it'll be the weekend again! WOO HOO! It's gonna be a good started with snow!

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Roxanne said...

Love the new look on your blog!