Monday, March 9, 2009

The Blog World

Why do I blog? I'm not sure, because my life is pretty boring, and I don't ever feel like I have anything interesting to say. But I love blogs, so I joined the blog world.
How did I get into blogs? I first found blogs this summer. When my friend Lauren's baby was diagnosed in utero with CDH, I wanted to find out what it was. In a google search, I ran across a blog for a baby with CDH, and I read it from the first post to the last. That blog is . I still read it almost every day and am amazed by her parent's strength and faith in God. From that blog, I found another baby's blog. He was from Birmingham, Al, which caught my attention. His family's blog is . From there, I found MckMama....a great blog that is hilarious and heart tugging at the same time. And then, from there, I found Bring the Rain, . Another blog I read from beginning to end and cried and cried throughout. All of these blogs had a baby's life threatening illness in common, but more than that, they all are stories of great I don't think I could have in their situations.
From my "cry my eyes out" blogs, I found Boo and Big Mamas. They are sooooooo funny! and . Good ole Texas girls! From them, I found on the very day that Kelly was giving birth to her miracle, Harper. Amazingly, my funny blogs took me right to another heart tugging life threatening baby blog!
From Kelly's blog, I found the jackpot! I found blogs of women with a love for homemaking and decorating. I finaly found my place in the blog world, lol. With each new blog, I find links to other blogs, and I can spend hours reading blogs and looking at the things these women have created in their homes. Hours that I should be spending taking care of my own home, I'm sure.
But of all of the blogs that I love (and there are many, obviously) my favorites are the blogs of the people I know.
I love Stephanie's and Roxanne's and Hollie's, and Lauren's .
If you read this, and you have a blog, please let me know...I'm sure I'll love reading yours too!


steph said...

Why in the world would you ever think that you are boring?? I love hearing your stories about your family that I love so much!

Roxanne said...

Girl--I check your blog every day! Maybe I'm just nosey, but I don't think you are boring at all!

Hollie said...

I check it everyday too! I love your blog! I love blogging!

Hollie said...

Your blog wants you to post something! Good to see you today at Hobby Lobby! Hope you left with lots of treasures!

Pam D said...

Just saw your comment on MckMama's.. are you a July 13 birthday too? I am.. from 1960 (which makes me the grandma.. except that I have a 9 year old..!)

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