Monday, September 27, 2010

O M G !!!!!!

Ok, so I'm on Facebook looking at a girl's profile. She happens to be the sister of the first boy I ever kissed. Many, many moons ago, I was totally infatuated with this boy at my church. I was about 14, he was 16. I wrote him a letter to tell him how deeply devoted I was to him. I know, how embaressing. But oh, it gets worse. So he "liked" me too, but he didn't want anyone else to know it. We even kissed in the back of the church a few times. (I know, I'd kill my child for such as that!) Anyway, he broke my heart, no one believed we had ever even been an item, and that wasn't all she wrote. He popped into my life a few more times, and eventually actually sang at my wedding! Hey, it was a small town. Well, here we are today, and I am looking at his sister's profile. And she is tagged in a picture of an album cover. Who is on the album cover? None other than "the boy"! He now has a new name, but this is so defintely him. O M G! My first kiss is a country music singer that may or may not be hitting the big time now.

I laughed and laughed about this, but Jacob did not quite the see the humor in it. Thank goodness Sharon did. And Frank even did, but not the extent that I did. Sharon also agrees, I did trade up when I met Frank! I wish I was still in touch with my high school friends who suffered through the days of infatuation with me. I'd love to share this news with them. But for now, I'm sharing it with you, my faithful blog readers...all three of you.

BTW Kolt Barber's website is and he's on facebook. And I love Frank even more now than ever!

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