Saturday, September 18, 2010

Lovin' the Weekend

I had a very lazy Saturday and am lovin' every minute of it. I slept til 9:30 which NEVER happens! Frank got up at 7:30, but he was kind enough to go ahead and get up and not flip around and turn on the tv in bed. It's taken over 17 years, but I think he finally gets it! I got up and piddled around, did some laundry, straightened the house, folded a hundred loads of clothes that never got folded this week. I sold my freezer that Frank wanted to take to the dump for $60.00. I posted my camper on craigslist and a few other sights, and had a few nibbles on it. I got a short, much needed visit with my friend Cindy. Frank and I went to Piggly Wiggly to get him and the kids fried chicken for supper. I had shrimp and grits. Now we are about to settle down and watch some month-old netflix movies. Today has been quiet, lazy, and stress-free. Lovin it!

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