Monday, April 13, 2009


We took Paige to the dr for a check up today. She is as healthy as a horse. Her bloodwork was all good; he saw no problems. She is in the 75th to 90th percentile for height and he estimates that she could be 5'7" when she is all grown up...depending on when she goes through puberty. PUBERTY?! WE AREN'T READY FOR THAT!!! She is growing up way too fast...will be in the double digits in July. These are the pictures I took of her Valentine's Dance Party...sorry it took me so long to post. We go back to the knee dr Thursday...and we sure don't miss that leg brace!


steph said...

They all look beautiful! So glad the leg is good! I was just thinking about that whole ordeal as I was cleaning out the camper tonight!

Roxanne said...

It breaks my heart to realize one day all these kids at school will be taller than me! Jacob already is!