Saturday, April 11, 2009

Happy Anniversary!

Tonight, Frank and I celebrated our 17th anniversary. He planned our 'date', and I had no idea where were going. I have been pretending to try to get it out of Paige, but I really was excited about the surprise. We dropped Paige off at Gene and Cindy's...Jake was already there...then he turned right onto 441, so I knew we weren't going to Macon. He then turned right onto Pea Ridge, so I knew we WERE going to Lake Oconee. When we turned at the Pyramid, I figured out that we were going to Filet. I actually yelled, "I know where we are going!" He denied it, and said we were going to Reynolds. He was so convincing, that I started getting nervous, and I did not want him to be taking me somewhere so fancy I'd be uncomfortable. He turned next to Publix, and I got even more worried, then I saw it...YAY! It was Filet!


When we got out of the car, I thought...ooh, I wish I had my camera so I could put a picture on my blog! (For all 5 of you who read my blog, you know!) We had the fried artichoke hearts...yum! Frank had the ribeye, and I had the NY strip. Everything was so good, that I couldnt eat but just a little of my steak, and couldn't do dessert at all. I know, I'm no fun. But let me say again, IT WAS SO GOOD! The steak was by far, the best steak I've ever eaten in my life. And I am looking forward to the leftovers. We went to Fogo de Chao in February, and this was even better than that. We came straight home and here I am blogging by 8 pm, so obviously it was a wild, wild night for the Meighan's.

Today was a big day in more ways than one though... Paige and I got our Easter dresses, and no tears were shed in the process. I kept telling her that we were going to do our best, and that it was nobody's fault if the clothes didn't fit, etc. Paige finally said, "I know, Mom" and I told her that I was saying it for my benefit not hers. It worked. I did not cry one tear...I didn't just find one dress for me, I got two!


steph said...

Happy Anniversary! I can't believe you passed up the strawberry basket!! That's it! We are all going on a date night to Filets so I can make you have dessert!

Roxanne said...

Happy Anniversary!

I got two dresses today, too, but Marc was none too happy about it!