Monday, January 5, 2009

We're Home! Sorta

Today was surgery day, and Paige did very well. When we first got there, we were informed that we'd be spending the night...this was not outpatient surgery as we'd been told earlier. The surgeon really made me nervous when he explained the surgery and how tedious it would be. But God's hand was all over this, because when the surgeon came out after surgery, it wasn't as bad as he thought it was going to be after all! We were able to leave the hospital was about 9, but it's still better than sleeping in a chair. Paige was feeling so good when we left that she thought she was up to Waffle House (we were starving!). Once we got our food, she had second thoughts, so we wolfed our dinners down and brought her back to the hotel. She is now in bed sleeping, and we are snuggling down for the night. She never did really eat anything tonight,and she is very tired, but she isn't complaining about pain. She has a hot pink cast, and a swollen foot, and is a little cranky, but that might not be from the anesthesia. ;) Tomorrow we are planning to lay low here at the hotel, then go "Build a Bear" at the mall, then pick up Rick from the airport and go home. Thank you for praying for Paige!

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Tina G said...

Glad she is doing so well! Be safe! Tell her hello for me!