Monday, January 19, 2009

Ah, The Weekend is Over

Another weekend has come and gone way too quickly. We did make it to Tara's Tea Thyme, and I did finally get the Christmas Tree down, so I'd say it was mostly successful. Frank is still very busy and I saw very little of him. I'm actually looking at the back of his head as he is hovering over homework now. Jacob had a big weekend...he is now the proud owner of a truck that is 10 years older than he is! Frank has been itching to get a project truck for Jacob and since he will be 16 in just over 3 more years, he HAD to get one now. Actually, it was a friend's truck, and too good a deal to pass up. Jake was very cool about the whole thing, until everyone was gone Sat night and we were headed to bed...then he asked could he have the keys to "his" truck. Uh, NO! He wanted to wash it, but I wouldn't let him do that either. After all, it was 40 degrees and raining. He has taken pictures of it from every conceivable angle with his cell phone. My sister went to the dr today, and RJ is definitely RJ, not Caroline. Everything looked good, except that he has a small amount of fluid around each of his kidneys. They are going to keep an eye on that, but didn't seem majorly concerned. I remember my cousin had to go to the same dr because of a kidney irregularity with her baby boy and he was born completely healthy.

On a completely different note, Frank has the opportunity to get extra credit in his English class if he goes to see Romeo and Juliet at the Shakespeare Tavern in Atlanta. Does anyone want to go with us? It's anytime in the month of February. I've always wanted to see a play at the Fox, and this is across the street to the Fox, so I'm a step closer. Thank you, Ms. Zipperer!


steph said...

I wanna go!!!

Roxanne said...

Cathryn--I read your blog! And you got me hooked on MCKMama!