Tuesday, January 6, 2009

We're Home! For Real Now!

We are finally home! We had a decent night's sleep. Paige got up a couple of times to go to the bathroom, and actually tried to do this by herself. We slept til about 8:30 and laid around until about 12. We went to the mall and she "built a bear"...a koala named Kailee. She tuckered out pretty quickly, and wouldn't eat much lunch, then fell asleep on the way to the airport. Rick's plane was about an hour late, so we surfed the net from the truck while waiting on him. He was starving, so we stopped for dinner at Logan's Roadhouse...Paige ate a little better there. She is doing pretty good...she tires easily, and is a little grouchy, but she isn't complaining of pain hardly at all. This is how she was after her tonsil surgery, so I'm kinda wondering if she is going to 'hit a wall' in a day or two. But for now, it's going well and we thank you for your prayers.

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steph said...

I don't care if she "hits the wall" I just don't want her to fall down on that hurt leg when she does! :) Praying for Paige...and you!