Sunday, January 25, 2009

Positively Positive

I realize that all of my posts lately have been on the not so positive side of things, so I am determined to post a positively positive post. Here is my top 10 positive things (or at least the first 10 I can think of).

1. Paige had a good report from the dr. and is healing well. She will be out of her cast 2/5!

2. Jacob made straight A's for the semester and actually made a 100 in Math this 9 weeks!

3. Our yard improvement project is past the tree cutting stage, and will most likely be through the stump grinding stage tomorrow, and my yard looks so much bigger and better already!

4. I found an old church friend on facebook and had the best time chatting with her til midnight last night. It sure is fun to catch up!

5. I am so excited about all the babies that are coming this spring/summer!

6. Frank is loving his English class and is doing very well in school!

7. I have new, fast, wireless internet at my more 'borrowing' linksys from the hotels nearby!

8. Because of #7, I can watch netflix on my computer!

9. No one has had the stomach virus at my house this week!

10. My life is good!

I feel better already. I hope you have a positively good day/night!


steph said...

#11- you are a good friend!

Tina G. said...

I am a HUGE fan of positivisms!! Keep em coming! I read your blog everyday!

Hollie said...

You need to rub off on me...J/K! I have felt so much better after my "fit" last Tuesday! :)