Tuesday, January 13, 2009


Paige is doing very well physically, and today was a much better day emotionally. The last few days have been very hard on both of us. She has been exhausted, I have been tired, and we have both had our share of meltdowns. Mine last night was made even worse by technical difficulties and a help desk that must have been housed in Pakistan or somewhere. I ended up on the office floor crying and Paige texted Frank to let kindly let him know that I'd lost it...Thanks Paigie! I actually slept very well after my meltdown and today was a better day.

Frank's dad is here to put a new roof on our house. We are also getting the trees in our yard cut this week, so its a mess around here! But eventually, when it's all done and grass has grown, it'll sure be worth it. I just wish I had thought to take before pics. I never take before pics, and we have done so much to our house, I really wish I had before pics to show the difference. I love projects and I can't imagine living in a brand new house with no projects (for Frank) to do. I love making something beautiful and special out of something that isn't...kinda like what God has done for us. He sees our beauty and potential underneath the layers of junk we have piled on ourselves. Even when I'm at the end of my rope crying on the floor, God is patient enough to keep working on me. I sure am glad he loves a project too!

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steph said...

Girl somedyas I feel like more than a project. I'm one of God's major renovations! :) Hope your day is much smoother thatn yesterday! Nothing helps like a good cry!