Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Summer Days

Sleeping late, relaxing by the pool, no worries. If only it really worked out that way! Deep cleaning, yard work, itchy bug bites, that's more like it. We spent Sat morning spreading 75 bales of pine straw in the yard...and 100 more are supposed to be delivered today. I've always wanted a nice yard...I just had no idea how much work it was going to be! Both Fri and Sat night were spent with friends. I finally discovered the Rivers Crossing shopping center in Macon. Oh. Wow. I can't wait to go back to actually shop. Sunday was a nice lazy day...our kids were at a friend's house, so Frank and I watched a movie in the basement. Good times. Monday started the deep cleaning process. I worked on the kitchen, and did umpteen loads of laundry. We are leaving Fri morning on vacation, and there is a lot I'd like to do before we leave. I'm starting to freak out about how much it's going to cost, but I keep telling myself, 1. it's less than last year's trip to Costa Rica, and 2. time goes by too fast not to make the most of it. Neither Frank nor I ever went on vacations as kids, and I don't want that for our kids. So, no matter how aggravating they can be, I want them to see and do. We invested in dvd players for the ride, and hopefully, that will cut down on some of the ruckus. We're going to Missouri...2 days in Springfield visiting with Rick, then 3 days in St. Louis. We'll go camping at least one weekend, and I'm still trying to finagle a trip to the beach in some how. Summer days...good times...bug bites and all!

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Roxanne said...

Sounds like summer to me!

I told Marc I'm glad we're taking an early vacation so I'll have time to recover!

Hope you guys have a great time...see you when we all get back in town.