Saturday, June 27, 2009

A Wonderful Saturday

Today has been a great Saturday...I didn't even get out of my pjs until 5:00!

I woke up around 8:45 and got up to a very quiet house. Frank was helping Gene set up for Sunday School at the church, and when he got home, he had donuts from Ryal's. (I'm so glad Becky works there, because Frank loves to go visit her and that means I get treats!) Jacob slept til after 10, and Paige slept til noon!

I had a lot of cooking to do, so I decided to go ahead and get started. I made a honey bun cake for Gene's birthday, the pioneer woman's jalapeno appetizers, a green tomato casserole, and a cheese ring for Jamie's baby shower. Since I was already cooking with bacon, I fried up another package for BLT's for lunch. When Paige strolled into the kitchen at 11:58, she said "Yum, I woke up to the smell of bacon!" That NEVER happens at my house!

We ate BLT's for lunch using the tomatoes that Frank grew in our very own garden! I know, I thought he was crazy for planting it, but now I think he is a genius! Those three tomato bushes have so many tomatoes on them that they are breaking. The cucumber vine was growing all over the driveway, and I put it back into the garden's not looking so good now that I messed with it...oops.

Back to Saturday, after lunch I folded clothes while watching tv in bed, while Frank studied. When he was finished, we watched 3 episodes of Gilmore Girls downstairs. I took a shower, then we went to Gene and Cindy's for Gene's birthday. The Schulzes, Longs, and Stewarts were there, and I got to hold and feed sweet baby Micah. Frank hogged Maddi all to himself, so I never got a chance to hold her. We had a great dinner of fried chicken and comfort foods. It was all sooooooo good! Cindy and I sat with our feet in the pool while Paige swam, and had a chance to talk with relatively no interruptions. Good stuff. Great Saturday!


Roxanne said...

Oh, Milledegeville!

Sounds fun and relaxing. I am disappointed to miss Jamie's baby shower tomorrow, especially with all that yummy food you've cooked!

Angel Easterwood said...

Just getting into this BLOG stuff. So I am posting long after you wrote "A wonderful saturday". Love your blog. Anyway, I had heard that Frank was a Gilmore Girls fan. Well Hello, so am I . Anyway I have every season on DVD. Started collecting them last year. let me know if you want to borrow any! Hope you have a great girls trip!