Saturday, June 13, 2009

Road Trip 2009

Road Trip 2009
We had a great vacation...lots of miles, lots of laughter, lots of fun! In the interest of making my vacation last as long as possible, I'm going to drag it out by blogging about it for as long as I can...or at least until something interesting happens around here!
First stop...Alabama.

Next, Mississippi. We ate dinner at Vanelli's, an Italian/Greek restaurant in Tupelo. It was very good. I had spanakopita, Frank had ravioli, Paige had fettucinne, and Jacob had...a hamburger! We all had baklava for dessert...and were way too full for the drive to the hotel.

Next, we passed through Tennessee. On the way up, we just passed through, but we stopped in Memphis on the way back home...more about that later!

We spent Fri night in Arkansas, and drove through Sat...very long ride.

We arrived in Missouri, our ultimate destination, Saturday. We spent a few days in Springfield, then went to St. Louis.

The last state we visited was Illinois. All of these pictures were taken at Welcome Centers...notice the restroom sign beside Jacob! They were all very nice, and I think they must compete with each other for which one can be the best. Yay for us...that means clean facilities! I do promise that we did more than stop at Welcome Centers for potty breaks, and I will blog about all the juicy details later.

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Roxanne said...

Looks like y'all had fun. Good to be back in your own bed, right?