Wednesday, June 17, 2009

St Louis Zoo

Monday Evening, we arrived at our hotel in O'Fallon, IL (right outside of St Louis, MO) right behind a tornado! The tornado had knocked trees down on houses right behind the hotel, and tore the privacy fence panels down. It looked like the wind picked the panels up and threw them. There was no power at the hotel, but we were able to check in and put our stuff in a downstairs room. I am so thankful that we missed the actual tornado...we didn't even have any rain while driving. We went to eat at Red Robin and had fantastic hamburgers. Then we hung out at Barnes and Noble until we thought the lights might be back on. They were, but there were electrical problems at the hotel, so the air didn't work. The managers went from room to room to find one where everything worked, and they finally found one on the third floor. That is when we found out that the elevators didn't work either! But the air and the tv did, so we were good. We got up Tuesday morning and found out the hot water didn't work either! Now, THAT was not good! It was a beautiful hotel and the staff was very nice, and all of the problems were due to the storm, so we couldn't be upset with them...but with a COLD shower, it was hard not to be crabby.

Tuesday's adventure started with the St Louis Zoo. The zoo is larger than Central Park Zoo, and the admission is FREE! They have any kind of animal you can think are some of my favorites.
Kangaroos...there were also wallabies in there with them.
Penguins...this one is hiding in a little cave. We didn't stay at the penguin exhibit long...look on the rocks and you will see why we didn't hang around too long (it stunk!)
Sea Lions...kickin' it sea lion style!
Bears...that's a pink bowling ball!
Another bear chillaxin'.
Peahen with baby
Prairie dogs...They were soooo cute.
Tigers, they were about 1 year old and were playing.
ZebrasSome kind of primate...they had lots and lots of different kinds.

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