Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The Lincoln Presidential Museum

On Wednesday of our trip, we went to the Lincoln Presidential Museum in Springfield, IL. This was my favorite part of the trip! It was amazing! It is very high tech, and interactive, and you are able to really get to know Lincoln as a person, not just a historical figure. I'm sad to say, I hardly took any pictures at all. Much of the museum, you could not take pictures, but honestly, I was so busy enjoying the museum, I didn't think about taking pictures anyway. I can't adequately describe how cool the museum really was, but here is a link to the museum's website.
Here is our family with the Lincoln family...note that I am no longer able to stand behind Paige in pictures...my baby is growing up!
Jacob and Paige with the Lincolns...arriving at the White House.

And the Lincolns looking a little lonely without the Meighans!

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Roxanne said...

Yes, the Lincolns do look lonely. I think you could've been good friends. You'll have to look them up in Heaven some day...