Thursday, June 4, 2009

Where did this week go?

My first week of summer has flown by, and I feel like I haven't accomplished anything! Monday started strong with cleaning the kitchen, and tackling huge amounts of laundry, but then I think I kind of fizzled out past there. Jacob and Paige had friends over Tuesday, and then went with the friends to the movies in Macon, so Frank and I had an evening to ourselves. We went to eat hamburgers at South of Philly...which we found out is a happening bar for college kids at night. Yea, we were definitely out of place. We came home and watched episodes of Gilmore Girls. Now that's more our style. Jacob and Paige came home with friends in tow to spend the night, and I heard a lot of giggling all night long. Wednesday, after the friends left, Paige broke her glasses so we had to get them fixed. Then we had supper at church and a night of more Gilmore Girls. Thursday, I cleaned my closet (well, cleaned at it) and did more laundry to get ready for our trip...which is tomorrow, and no, I haven't packed yet. We went to the orthodontist, and Paige, being the precocious genius that she is, is cutting her 12 year molars. Which isn't so good when you are only 9 and still haven't lost all of your baby teeth. She has teeth coming in every where, and has to have two more baby teeth removed by the dentist. Poor kid has lost more teeth via the dentist than the old fashioned way. It looks like she will be getting her second set of braces sooner rather than later...I just hope that we can put it off until Jacob is out of his. When we got home, I cleaned out the fridge and cooked all the fresh food we had so that it won't go to waste while we are gone. Supper tonight is dirty rice, cabbage, corn on the cob, and deviled eggs. YUM! And I'm baking cookies for our trip. I guess I have gotten more accomplished this week (at least today) than I thought...but I still have to pack!

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