Saturday, June 6, 2009

Vacation, All I Ever Wanted!

We are on day 2 of Road Trip '09. We have been through Alabama...where they have rocking chairs on a lovely porch to welcome you at the Welcome Center.Mississippi...where they give you a free coke at the Welcome Center. They also have a wonderful Greek/Italian Restaurant in Tupelo.
Then to Tennessee and Arkansas, but there was no Welcome Center into either, and the "Welcome To Arkansas" sign is in the middle of the bridge over the Mississippi River, so no pic, sorry.

And finally, to Missouri!
We are staying at a cool 50's style motor court on "Historic Rt 66" and there are tons of old cars everywhere. We met up with Rick and had a late lunch, then we went to the humongous Bass Pro Shop and then to see his daughter and her family. Her boys are too cute! We are settled in for the night to watch Gilmore Girls...but not until after this...
Frozen Custard...O M G! Like really silky ice melts fast though, and I tried to get a picture of Paige's Chocolate Melt Down, but she refused.
Tomorrow it's church with Rick's family in the morning, barbecue for lunch, then golf for the guys, and shopping for us girls. Vacation, its a good thing!

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steph said...

so glad you are having fun! I will miss your smiling face in Sunday School this morning!