Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Well, I've Lost the Mother of the Year Award Now

When Paige was only 2 months old, the doctor said she needed to have her adenoids removed when she turned a year old. When she turned 1, we were in the midst of moving to Milledgeville and the dr. we saw then said that there was no need to put her to sleep since she wasn't having any other problems other than loud breathing. Here it is, nine years later, and I've finally realized that the poor kid can't breathe! We saw the ENT today, and not only are her adenoids enlarged, but so are her tonsils! She will be having them removed Dec. 15. Don't you worry, she should be fully recovered by Christmas, and is already planning her recovery and the gifts she'll receive and the ice cream she'll eat. I imagine she'll have me a list of things she'll need for a proper recovery. She has no problem with giving me ideas on how she needs to be pampered and spoiled. If things go her way, it'll be like two Christmases! (And you know how much I love Christmas!)

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Anonymous said...

Hey girl- don't sweat it- Gage is only 10 weeks old and I have already screwed up several things of his-Stephanie tells me there are much worse things I will do later on and not to sweat the small stuff- soon Paige will breathe and all will be well- if its any comfort, I didn't hear her snoring when she stayed with us :)

When are you coming to see us again??