Saturday, November 8, 2008

Shop 'Til You Drop!

Paige and I had a great Girl's Day today! We had lunch at Tara's with two of our favorite peeps, Shelby and Cindy. Then we went shopping! Since we gave up trying to find clothes in the girl's department, life is a little easier for us. Belks had a great clearance sale with an extra 25% off, and we racked up for Paige. Lots of shirts, including tunics which she can wear as dresses with leggings. I got a few shirts for work...I'm sick and tired of the polos every day. My favorite store was Bath and Body Works today, and I even got a few Christmas presents...I just couldn't help myself. I know its too early, but I want to be in the Christmas spirit, so humor me. I did have these grand ideas of a big makeover today, with some new outfits instead of the same ole same ole, but shopping with Paige, that isn't going to happen. I get frustrated enough shopping and trying on clothes by myself, that with both of us in the dressing room, there would have been tears at some point. Instead I bought myself some hair color. Wish me luck!

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