Thursday, November 20, 2008

One More Day!

One more day until we are all out of school for a week! Yippee! I have to take the kids to the orthodotist Monday at 8:00 a.m. (what was I thinking?!) but other than that, have nothing else I "have" to do next week. There are many things I want to do, but I'm gonna try to be as still as possible and make the week last and last! If I stay too busy, it'll fly by way too fast! We had Thanksgiving dinner with the youth last night, at school today, and are having it at Women's Ministry tomorrow night. I may be turkeyed out before the big day even arrives. (NOT!) I'll cook way more than four (or 40) people can ever eat...but I have a new freezer to put the leftovers that we won't ever eat in! I'm hoping to get just one nice picture of my kids to use for a Christmas card. Is 12 too old for a picture Christmas card...Jacob sure thinks so. I'm thinking about just using a picture of Milo and Rudy and labeling it Jacob and Paige. In case you don't know, Milo is a black lab and Rudy is a schnauzer! While they are quite good looking, they are nearly as good looking as the real Jacob and Paige...if they would just both look at the camera and Jacob would smile! When I get adventurous I'll post pictures of them...but chances are, Jacob won't be smiling. But this time tomorrow, I think even Jake will be smiling...School's Out! :o) See, I'm practicing already!

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