Sunday, July 12, 2009

Proud Mommy

Tonight, I am a proud Mommy. Well, I am always a proud Mommy, but especially tonight. My baby girl did something I could never do. She did a wonderful job as "Andie Buchwald" in our children's musical tonight. She even sang a beautiful solo. AWWWW! I knew what to expect because I had helped her with her lines and listened to the cd (over and over again) so I didn't cry like I was afraid I would do. I am also proud of Jacob because he was willing to do something he so clearly didn't want to do just because he's a good kid. He was the lead pirate. And Frank, my crazy curtseying husband, he was a natural at playing Paige, I mean Andie's, dad. All of the kids did a fabulous job, and they were cuter than any pirates I've ever seen. I am very thankful for Jamie and Amber and everyone else who helped put this musical together. I hope this is an annual summer event!

For the star's latest head shots, go to and go to client proofing, July 2009, Paige, password 343. But prepare yourself, they are GORGEOUS! I only wish I had time to have prints made so she could have signed autographs tonight!

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