Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Memphis, Here We Come!

During the Great Road Trip of '09, we drove past Graceland (at a very high rate of speed, mind you) and Paige was quite disappointed that she didn't get to visit the home of the King. I had an epiphany that some day, just Paige and I would visit Graceland, and while wallowing in my epiphany, as I am prone to do, I looked on delta.com to see what a plane ticket from ATL to MEM would cost. Imagine my complete shock when I found out that they are merely $99. Now Paige was already pretty put out that we went on the Great ROAD Trip of '09, and she is the ONLY person in our family who has never flown, so my epiphany magnified (is that possible?) and I decided to take Paige to Memphis for her 10th birthday.

We've talked and talked about this trip, and I finally sat down Sunday to buy the plane tickets. It was my turn to be devastated when I found out that the plane tickets had jumped from $99 to over $400! Gulp! I couldn't bear to break the news to Paige, so I thought if I had another cool trip planned, it would lessen the blow. I spent hours and hours online Monday looking for a place at the beach that was affordable. HAHAHAHA!

Tuesday morning, I decided to look at air fares again, and sure enough, over $400 on delta.com. But then I looked at Hotwire, and YAY!!!! I found $99 fares! I did have to switch the days of the trip, but I am thrilled that we are still going. I spent my hours today getting the best deals I could find on planes, rental cars, and hotel rooms. We are set! We will be in Memphis 7/18-7/21, on the Girls' Birthday Trip '09. My birthday is 7/13 and hers is 7/25, and this year, we will celebrate them with the King!

I am attempting to participate in a blog hop this week. The theme is Favorite Picture, so in honor of our upcoming trip, here's Paige and Elvis.

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Roxanne said...

Oh, Cathryn, that sounds like so much fun! I love the idea of a mother/daughter birthday trip. Just the girls!

steph said...

Would you adopt me?

steph said...

Please see Roxy's blog comments for my bright idea! :)