Saturday, July 18, 2009

Memphis Day 1

We have arrived in Memphis...all bright and shiny, obviously! The plane ride was really fast, and Paige loved it! She had no ear pain at all, but I had enough for both of us. About half way through the flight, it got bumpy, so they changed altitudes. My ears hurt so bad...and don't say chew gum, cuz even that hurt. My ears hurt, my teeth hurt, even my throat hurt, and I could barely hear. It's 5 hours later, and my ears still aren't right. If you have any suggestions for how to prevent this on the way home, I'm open to them! But enough about that...we made it safe and sound!
Then we picked up our rental car...there were two to choose from, and Paige chose this snazzy bright blue Kia! It doesn't have power locks or windows...we sure are spoiled by our cars!

Next, Paige drove us to our hotel. Well, not really, but she looks ready to drive, doesn't she?!

After several wrong turns, we finally got the hang of the Tom Tom (and figured out how to turn on the sound so we could hear it), and we arrived at our hotel. The lady at the front desk was very nice and we very much admired her false eyelashes!

After an unsuccessful attempt at a nap, we went to dinner at Bahama Breeze. YUM! We played several rounds of tic tac toe, and the cat won several, I won one or two, and Paige beat me more times than I'd like to admit. I really need to brush up on my tic tac toe skills. To think that I had wondered if I needed to let her win. HA! We had the goat cheese and roasted red pepper appetizer (yes, it is good) and Paige had bow-tie mac and cheese, and I had seafood bisque/chowder.

Last, but not least, we went to Target for necessities. We have a "full" night planned as you can see! Tomorrow, we're going to visit the King of Rock n Roll. Until then, Cathryn and Paige have left the building.


Megan said...

That happens to my ears every time I fly. I have the ears of a three year old. Finally figured out the trick to keep me pain free. About an hour before take-off take Sudafed. The antihistamine helps keep your ears clear... Hope it helps and that you two have an awesome trip.

steph said...

Glad you had a good flight! So glad youa re having a great time....We miss you!!