Saturday, July 4, 2009

The Good Life

I realized tonight that we have such a good life.

This has been a great weekend. One of my sisters came up Thursday night, and Paige and I showed her the sights Friday. We had lunch at the Brick, and dessert at Scoops. Then we went in several of the antique stores downtown. We even got a treat box from Ryals. We finished up with a short trip to the famous Milledgeville Mall and Paige got a set of 3 pairs of earrings for $1.00!

Today we had a house full of friends over for a fish fry. The food was delicious, and the fellowship was wonderful. I stayed relaxed, and never did get in a tizzy about the preparations like I usually do...I must be growing up!

After everyone had left, when I was cleaning the kitchen, I realized what a great life we have. We are so blessed. I know that all the blessings we have are not due to anything we have done. They are gifts from God, and I am so grateful. These are the good old days :)

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