Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Tuesday, Tuesday

My day started off fabulous...I slept til almost 10! After that, the day flew by...I guess that happens when you sleep half of it away! Frank had today off of school, so we went to lunch at Lieu's and then bought new sunglasses. I haven't had nice sunglasses in a long time, but today I found the cutest pair of Vera Bradley's...I love them! I got them for less than half of retail, but then I saw them on Ebay for half of what I paid. That was a bummer, but it was a spur of the moment purchase, so I did absolutely no research. I never do that...I always look for the very best deal. But I still love them! Frank got a pair of Costas finally...they even fit his big head! Then we went to Kroger, and guess what yall...I cooked dinner! I found this yummy recipe for enchiladas on Beth Moore's daughter's blog (and if it came from anyone related to Beth Moore, it has to be wonderful, right?) and I made homemade salsa with tomatoes Frank grew. It was very good! Tonight, I have watched tv while Frank has done homework. The kids haven't fought as much today, and I'm so glad. They fought all day yesterday. Paige is getting very excited about our trip, and so am I. I'll have something cool to blog about then...not just about sleeping til 10!


Roxanne said...

Give it up...where'd you score the Vera?

steph said...

Hush with you "homemade Salsa" and "homemade supper" :)