Wednesday, December 31, 2008


Paige is scheduled for surgery Monday, January 5 at 12:30 at Scottish Rite Hospital in Atlanta. The pediatric orthopedist explained her injury in terms even I can understand. He likened it to pulling a weed in the garden. (of which I have a lot of experience from my youth) Her ligament is the weed. When she hit her leg, it pulled the weed (ligament) up by the roots...the roots are the chunk of bone that came out with it. In an adult, it would have snapped the weed (ligament) into two pieces. The surgery is to put the chunk of bone back in so that the ligament holds the two bones together like its supposed to. It is her PCL which is behind the knee, not the common ACL. Because it's behind her knee, it will be 'open' surgery, not the scope. He said there is too much going on behind the knee to use the scope. It will be outpatient surgery, but we plan on hanging out in a hotel til we are sure she is well enough to travel home. She will have physical therapy, and we don't know how long rehab will be. She isn't in a lot of pain, and is getting the hang of the crutches better here on the carpet. Today there is an American Girl movie marathon, so life in bed isn't so bad for her.

Frank's parents and aunt from California are supposed to come tomorrow. Should I cook the traditional black eyed peas and greens for them? Haha, what do yankees eat for New Years? I'm guessing it isn't hog jawls! Happy New Year!

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