Monday, December 29, 2008

Poor Paige!

Poor Paige! She fell off her bike not 2 hours after arriving at Red Top Mountain. And by saying fell, that's putting it lightly. She was whizzing down a hill, turning a curve, on wet pavement and pinestraw and skidded into a rock, flying through the air, busting her knee on a big rock. The blow was so hard that it pushed her tibia backwards and broke a piece of bone off that connected her ligament that is behind her knee off. That piece of bone happens to be part of the growth plate which makes things even more interesting. We spent 7 hours in the ER yesterday, and saw an orthopedist today. He is sending us to a pediatric orthopedist who specializes in sports injuries. This injury is extremely rare, especially in children. The only time they see it is usually in car wrecks where the leg bangs into the dashboard. So Paige hit that rock really hard. The good news is, it isn't her head! It could have been so much worse. We can fix the leg, it very possibly needs surgery, but its fixable. She is in good spirits, not a lot of pain, but walking on crutches is really hard on her. Please pray that we see the pediatric specialist soon and that if we need surgery, that it is done soon too. I'll update when we know something more. And when you are praying, please pray for baby Stellan too. His mama's blog is on my sidebar and he is very very sick with RSV.

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