Monday, December 15, 2008

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

I am so glad I am married to a handy guy! For Christmas, my husband is redoing my dining room floor. Just 2 years ago about this time, he was putting down off white carpet for me. Since we go in and out of the house through the dining room, as Jacob would say...maybe white carpet wasn't such a good idea. It wasn't really all that dirty looking, but it was hard to keep clean. Sooooo, today, Frank and his trusty right hand man, Rick, took out the old carpet, and have started a border around the room of hardwood. We had 3 boxes of wood left from the kitchen, but you can't buy it anymore, so we couldn't do the whole room. I saw a room in a book that used hardwood and ceramic tile, and he actually agree with me that it looks good, so I'm getting a beautiful new floor for Christmas. Two years ago, I got my kitchen for Christmas...pretty good gifts I must say! I complain about Frank not being the romantic type, and not buying good gifts, but he does make up for it with his handiness! :o) I will post pics of the finished product...or you can just come over and see for yourself!

As for the little patient, it's amazing how much a doctor knows! She did hit quite the little wall Sat/Sun, and is having a pretty rough go of it. Her breath smells like when you get a tooth pulled (blood) and her throat and ears hurt pretty bad. She isn't eating a whole lot at all, doesn't want to drink, and barely talks. It's kind of up and down though, because she was feeling quite well when texting me this afternoon about her world record she broke: typing 1000 dots on her phone in less than an hour! Woo Hoo! I'm calling the Guiness people as I type! Seriously, please pray for her continued healing and that she will drink, drink, drink!

And for me, I have 4 more days of work...we spent a LONG recess outside today which helped a lot. If we can go two more days without rain, I'll make it through. (Thurs and Fri are half days, I can do those no problem) 4 more days!!!

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steph said...

Being married to a handy man definitly has its perks! What color is the tile?